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New paddock sweeper saves time and energy!

When The Mare and Foal Sanctuary needed a solution to hand-clearing their paddocks, we were delighted to offer one of our RTM Suffolk® Sweepers at a very, very good price because of the great work this charity achieves.

The Sanctuary owns more than 300 horses and ponies plus five farms in Devon, having rescued foals, ponies and horses from all over the South West and South Wales.

The Sanctuary’s aims are not just to rescue neglected, unwanted or abused horses but to rehabilitate, train and eventually re-home them into loving, knowledgeable environments.

“Before we took delivery of our brand new Suffolk® Paddock Sweeper, our staff had to clear the paddocks by hand. Now that it’s done by machine (and our tractor man Gary), the team is free to spend more time and energy on looking after the horses… which is quite enough hard work already!  Thanks so much for your help.” Jo Walmsley, The Mare and Foal Sanctuary

Most of the horses are cared for at loan-homes away from the Sanctuary, but they maintain ownership to safeguard the future of the horses and carry out regular home checks to make sure they are happy and healthy.

The horses come to the Sanctuary for a number of reasons. They are left abandoned on waste ground or council verges – fly grazing; a foal has been abandoned or lost its mother in a car accident on moorland or a member of the public has contacted us because a horse, or horses, have been spotted in poor or emaciated condition.

For more information, please visit The Mare and Foal Sanctuary website.

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