Old Computers, New Opportunities

Old Computers, New Opportunities.

Celebrating our 20th anniversary, it’s incredible to think about how computers have played a crucial role along the way, right from day one. They have allowed us to build a business way beyond the original “van toolbox”! Certainly, we could not have operated without them.

And yet in many areas of the world, there are still schools struggling to access basic computers for their students to learn on. So we’re delighted to have got involved with The Turing Trust, a charity that refurbishes IT equipment installs a range of educational software and provides it to those who need it most.

From now on we’ll be donating all our eligible computers and smartphones as they become available. We don’t have huge numbers but it’s something we can easily do that makes a difference – and it’s so simple to do.

If you like the idea for your own business or personal tech as you upgrade, please look at The Turing Trust. They will take quite a variety of accessories as well as your computers and just ask that they are less than 6 years old.



Richard Taylor

“We’re all familiar now with how Alan Turing’s work at our local Bletchley Park helped to shorten the second world war. Also why he’s widely thought of as the father of modern computing. What I didn’t know is that he was also very keen to help other people, funding one of his foster family members to work in Africa, and also sponsoring a Jewish refugee’s schooling during the war itself. A real inspiration!”

Founded by Alan Turing’s family, The Turing Trust aims to continue its legacy by using technology to empower disadvantaged communities. In their first 10 years, they have enabled access to computers for over 55,000 students across Africa – a huge achievement.

Now we can play a part in doubling those numbers and giving more children the opportunity to learn the skills that we all need to make our way in the world of work.

The Turing Trust
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