Petrol Mowers and Using E10 Petrol

Petrol Mowers and Using E10 Petrol

E10 Fuel has a 10% ethanol content. So, what is ethanol and why is it bad for your mower, classic bike or car engine?

Ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel content produced from plants and grains, along with byproducts from their processing.


Unlike Regular unleaded petrol or Super unleaded petrol, ethanol fuel is reported as being partially atmospherically carbon-neutral. This is because as the plants that will become biofuel grow, they absorb a greater amount of carbon dioxide than what will be released into the air during fuel production and its use in combustion engines. That’s good.


Ethanol causes corrosion to fuel components and attracts water which, over a short period of time, will cause all sorts of corrosion or water mix problems in carburettors, fuel injectors and engines. It has a poor shelf life and is harmful to engines if not treated and/or used within a short time of delivery from the pump.


We suggest you buy and use Super unleaded, which has only a 5% ethanol content and which we’ve been using for some time. It’s available on the forecourts for another 5 years.

Alternatively, we suggest you buy E10 fuel in smaller quantities and keep your fuel cans in constant use, filling up with clean fresh fuel regularly. You can improve on this by treating fresh fuel with a fuel additive treatment such as the Briggs & Stratton Fuel Fit® additive.

To be really sure and to reduce emissions, prolong engine life and servicing periods you can use our pre-packed Husqvarna Power 2 and Husqvarna Power 4 pre-mix, 2-stroke Alkylate Fuel, which is premium filtered or distilled through the manufacturing process to produce a fuel that will stay fresh for years and emits 99% less toxic emissions.

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