Etesia ET Lander

Battery-powered Multi-purpose Utility Vehicle | RTM Add ons

A revolutionary addition to the utility vehicle market, the Etesia ET Lander is built to order with a range of specs including:

– Tipping alloy body
– Greedy board sides
– Cabbed or uncabbed
– In-cab heating
– Additional passenger seats
– Tool carriers
– Loadable storage boxes
– Aluminium loading ramps
– Power outlets for tools and hedge trimmers

In addition to the factory specs above, however, our modifications team here at RT Machinery can supply more custom-built additions:

– RTM VMF Extension Side Kit for chipping into and rubbish collection on-site – extends sides to cab top level.

– RTM VMF Canopy to give machinery, chippings, waste and more protection from rain and wind – complete canopy cover and rolls back if not in use.

– RTM VMF Lift Kit to extend the Extension Side Kit above roof level and provide even greater capacity.

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