Ferris FRC7

Hybrid Remote Controlled Mower

Less physical strain, no exposure to vibrations and an overall safer operation. The new Ferris FRC7 remote-controlled mower ticks all the boxes and greatly improves the operator’s ease and comfort in maintaining the urban green space. Especially those areas that are difficult to reach in terms of underground and orientation.

The FRC7’s remote control allows the mower to be operated from up to 300 m distance and its tracked low-gravity undercarriage ensures stability on steep inclines up to 55°, as well as providing superior traction.

Both the tracks and mower deck are electrically driven by a very responsive hybrid e-drive system that combines a combustion engine with a 48V DC battery drive system, resulting in a highly effective powertrain. The FRC7 can drive up to 200 m on battery power only without having to start the engine. It can also mow forwards and backwards, making turning on a slope unnecessary and preventing potential damage to the underlying soil.

The 23HP Vanguard® EFI engine is fuel-efficient and operates independently from the electrical system. Its load-sensing ability keeps the mower deck performing optimally and automatically adjusts the drive speed when conditions get tougher, guaranteeing maximum blade performance and efficiency – there is no stress device fitted.

A CANBUS Controller is fitted to provide constant data, assisting with maintenance and servicing. 115cm cutting width. Service Jack and top hoist points are included as standard. Industry-leading safety features. Cutting height 50mm to 180mm.