Spider eCross Liner

Battery-powered Slope Mower

Innovative Design. Quality Performance.

The eCROSS LINER is SPIDER’s first all-electric steep slope mower on the market. Users can enjoy the eCROSS LINER’s all-direction mowing and unmatched manoeuvrability on slopes among obstacles, all while enjoying the benefits of low noise, minimum maintenance and zero emissions released into the environment.

In addition to the convenience of an all-electric drive, the SPIDER eCROSS LINER features an innovative mulching blade that allows for superior quality cuts at higher mowing speeds on slopes up to 35 degrees.

This compact mower has a 25.5” (61cm) cutting width and 40mm to 100mm height of cut. It is radio-controlled and designed for both steep, difficult terrain and general mowing where a high quality of the cut is required. No HAVS, no emissions and only 89dB.

The eCROSS LINER is equipped with a patented drive system that allows all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering. Combined with skid-steering, the eCROSS LINER takes SPIDER’s performance to a whole new level.