GKB Multi-Purpose Combi-Tool

Multi-Purpose Combi-Tool Attachment

Combining versatility and value for money, the GKB Combi-Tool gives turf managers the option of conducting multiple operations such as slitting, raking, rolling and brushing in one quick and simple pass.

The 3-point linkage frame provides the ability to equip a range of up to 4 maintenance attachments and can be tailored to the venue or the task to be conducted on a given day. Brush heads, rake tines, slitting tines, slitting discs and a range of rollers are available – with the option of equipping the Combi-Tool with multiple rows of the same attachment for a more intensive operation if required. Because of its multi-purpose functionality, the Combi-Tool is ideal for multi-sport venues such as winter sports facilities, schools, local authorities and contractors.

The Combi-Tool comes in 1.6m and 2.0m working widths and, as with all GKB Machines, is precision engineered for strength and durability. Swapping between attachments is fast, with the ability to independently adjust each implement once fitted to suit desired working depths.

It’s particularly good for anyone managing pitches at grassroots level, where the budgets and resources are not always there to invest in multiple machines to conduct some of the basic maintenance operations. The GKB Combi-Tool can have a massive impact on the presentation, playability and health of the playing surface.