GKB VStrong

Scarifier with Collector | Special Offer

£15,304 + VAT

With a 120cm width, a working depth of 0-4cm and an overall weight of 350kg, this is a versatile machine. If you are looking for the best available method to deal with weed (bluegrass, moss etc.) or an oily upper layer and you want to preserve your sports pitch in excellent condition. The VStrong is capable of doing all this and more.

This offer includes the hydraulic tipping collector, mounted behind the machine.

“There is no comparison with any other scarifier system I have used: the GKB V Strong is an absolutely brilliant piece of kit! The build quality is far superior and the operation is so simple, easy to adjust and set up, user friendly and so smooth in work. The collector works well too. What a fantastic machine!”

John Clennett, Luton Council

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