Wessex STC120

Sweeper Collector | Special Offer

£9,270 + VAT

The 1.2m Wessex ProLine STC120 has no narrow throat, as with many collectors, therefore leaves and long or short grass will be collected efficiently without blocking, even in wet conditions!

 The collector is semi-mounted to the tractor to allow the brush to follow the ground contours in work and be lifted out of work for transport. As the whole machine is not lifted on the linkage, the STC can be operated behind a small tractor with limited lifting capacity.

The machine runs on its own four wheels, totally independent of the tractor. The front wheels are fully castoring and are re-positioned by a simple pin mechanism to adjust the working height, whilst the two rear wheels have flotation tyres to keep turf compaction to a minimum. Power is transmitted from the tractor through a heavy cast gearbox and belt drive to the rotor.

This model is also available in a 1.8m width and with flail and scarifier reels for extra versatility.

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