Husqvarna LC 551IV

Self-Propelled Battery Lawn Mower | Special Offer

£750 + VAT

Self-propelled and robust, cordless battery-powered lawn mower with a wide cutting deck, aluminium rims and rear-wheel drive. Designed for professional users in need of a reliable and quiet mower with low running costs and easy maintenance.

Robust aluminium cutting deck with high level components and heavy-duty commercial power unit. The variable speed gives you more control when cutting complex lawns and savE/PowerBoost and active cooling make it possible to cut uneven and high grass. Extended runtime enabled by double battery slots for integral BLi batteries and backpack battery option available for even longer runtime.

For backpack battery operation, the Backpack Battery Adapter Kit would be required as an optional extra, allowing use of the backpack batteries for extended runtime. The Kit includes an adapter plate for easy attachment of the backpack battery, as well as straps for cable management.

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