Husqvarna P 535HX

Hybrid Commercial Front Mower

The Husqvarna P 535HX Hybrid Front Mower is ideal for keeping larger lawns and outdoor green spaces looking pristine, whilst working efficiently to save operators valuable time. The ergonomic driver interface with modern graphic displays and easy-access controls provides a comfortable ride during long working hours and a built-in connectivity module allows you to connect with Husqvarna Fleet Services™.

The P 535HX can be equipped with high-capacity cutting decks up to 180 cm, providing an excellent result and efficient mowing in any terrain. Thanks to the 20″ wheels, all-wheel drive and articulated steering it is easy to manoeuvre even in rough terrain and complex areas. Two electric motors power the wheel drive axles, while the PTO, hydraulics and electric generator are powered by a diesel engine. Commercial-grade components and ease of service make for uncompromised durability and maximum uptime.

The incorporation of dual-energy sources combined with high efficiency in the Hybrid system enables extreme power for the P 535HX yet maintained in a compact and agile format. The power train reduces the vehicle’s overall fuel consumption and its CO2 footprint and operational cost.