Iseki TG6407 IQ

Powerful Compact Tractor

Ideal for high specification aeration and turf maintenance on sports pitches, the TG is the most advanced tractor in the ISEKI range, with the TG6407 running a Stage V 40hp engine. Compact in size with all the accessories and options of the higher specification agricultural tractors, the TG can also be used in farming for easy access to cowsheds and farms where space is limited. The technology allows for easy operation and less fatigue on the driver.

With a superior lift capacity of up to 1,400kg, the ISEKI TG6407 allows you to run all your implements without the need to increase the size or horsepower of your tractor.

The new IQ dual-clutch gearbox works on the principle of a direct-shift gearbox, which consists of two gearboxes working in unison, offering the control of a manual with the convenience of an automatic. There are 8 main gears and 3 ranges. Gears are changed by simply moving the gear lever through the straight shift gate – no need to use the main clutch. If D is selected then gears 4 – 8 are operated automatically – ideal for road work or towing.

In keeping with our goal of seeking out products that work within our environment sympathetically, we’re delighted to say that this machine can accept B07 Diesel Fuel.

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