Muratori at RT Machinery

Muratori Power Harrows

ME1 – Rotary Harrow for Tractors (Up to 40 HP)
ME22 – Rotary Harrow for Tractors (Up to 80 HP)

The Muratori rotary harrows, for tractors from 18 HP to 80 HP, are ideal for secondary tillage (after ploughing) in any condition and type of soil. These machines use vertical rotors, equipped with blades, to effectively crush the clods of soil and create a well-levelled surface ideal for subsequent seeding.

ME1 Series – 18 to 40hp required
Available in 5 working widths from 90 – 170cm.

ME22 Series – 30 – 80hp required
Available in 7 working widths from 110 – 250cm.

Add attachments as required
Various models of rear rollers for adjusting working depth and creating different finishes.
–  Levelling Plate.
–  Levelling plate hand crank adjusters
–  Seeder Kit.
–  And more!