Muratori at RT Machinery

Muratori Stone Buriers MZ9 Series

Heavy-Duty Contractor, Farm or Hire (Up to 65 HP)

Medium-heavy agricultural machine, thanks to its sturdy structure and the large space between blades and frame, this stone burier can work in demanding conditions and bury large stones. The rotor supports are in an oil bath and allow use in any type of soil, even very dusty, with very little maintenance.

Muratori MZ9 Series – 35 to 65hp required

Choose open mesh Crumble roller or solid dimple Packer roller:
MZ9SXL with Crumble Roller
MZ9SXPK with Packer Roller

Available in:
145 cm working width – 35 to 65hp
165cm working width – 40-65hp
185cm working width – 45-65hp

Manual offset, 540rpm PTO, Cat 1 linkage, PTO with slip clutch, 6 square-edged, heavy-duty blades on each rotor flange.

Add attachments as required
Levelling Plate.
–  Levelling plate hand crank adjusters.
–  Seed Box.
–  Hydraulic side shift offset kit.