Poweroll 5

Poweroll 5 is the baby of the Poweroll range. This multi-purpose roller has been designed to utilise industry standard components; tried and trusted over many years. It can be used on many applications not requiring a heavy roller. For example lawn or clay tennis courts, newly laid cricket pitches, compaction of turfs, cricket practise nets and artificial wickets. Designed to do the work of a heavy push along roller, but with far less effort and much higher productivity. Unlike most small rollers on the market, the Poweroll 5 is fitted with a fabricated roller which is then machined true. Most small grass rollers have a drum fabricated using 3mm rolled steel plate. Poweroll 5 uses steel tube with a 5/8in. (16mm) wall thickness. Being machined after fabrication guarantees that the rolling surface will not have flat spots, or be egg shaped, helping the operator to achieve the best possible results. The ride-on option available as a 2ft rolling width machine provides a cost effective method to double productivity and increase operator comfort. Also available with a 3 feet wide ride-on rear roller.