Poweroll Club

The Club cricket roller was introduced over 10 years ago to offer clubs the opportunity to own a brand new wicket roller at a price previously associated with second-hand rollers. So how do we keep the cost down? Simple! This is a mechanically simple roller and we manufacture it in larger quantities than any other Poweroll roller. High-quality components are utilised throughout, many also used on the Poweroll 12, but there are fewer of them on this model helping to reduce costs. Being only 84” long and 42” wide, this roller is compact enough to fit into smaller sheds than most other heavy ride-on rollers. However, despite its diminutive size remains within the old I.O.G./ECB guidelines for the ground pressure it exerts. Driver comfort remains a high priority so it uses the same luxury padded seat as all other Poweroll rollers and shares many individual components, including the rollers and all steering components, also used on the Poweroll 12. Maximum weight is achieved by filling the roller drums and water ballast tanks built into the chassis. This superb cricket roller is more than capable of producing a top class wicket – good enough for any standard of play.