Selvatici Aeroking 1.65M C1656J

Deep Vertical Aerator
For Sports Ground and Sports Turf

The Selvatici Aeroking Deep Tine Vertical Drainage 300.50 Series Aerators are for compact tractor operation on sports grounds and sports turf.

The 1.65M C1656J model requires 35hp to 65hp and works with variable depth control up to 30 cm below ground level. That depth, combined with the punch action and adjustable heave, gives true deep tine aeration and compaction relief to your sports field, golf course or golf green.

Multi Tine Heads for a range of tine sizes and types.


  • Set up
  • Operator training
  • Fully compliant Tractor of 35hp with good lift capacity

Also Available
Selvatici Aeroking 1.2M C1204J Deep Vertical Aerator

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