Ventrac EG520

Primary Seeder

The EG520 Primary Seeder plants grass seed directly into bare soil with a consistent and accurate drop rate for perfect seed placement. With precise application adjustment and a removable calibration tray, easy adjustment for different grass seed types is possible.

The Primary Seeder features five main components for improved direct-seeding capability. The Calibration Tray is a built-in tray that catches material during the calibration process. The Front Packer Roller crushes the material to provide a smooth surface for the seed to drop. The Rear Packer Roller is an offset roller that places a fine layer of dirt over the seed. The Seed Box has a five cubic feet capacity, allowing you to carry large amounts of seed for efficiency. And the Precision Seed Funnels meter an accurate flow of a variety of turf seeds. This ground-driven application is consistent at variable speeds, and the offset cultipacker discs are designed to create optimal seed-to-soil contact. And the five cubic feet of hopper capacity keeps you going the distance, experiencing the efficiency you’ve come to expect from Ventrac attachments.