Wessex Rigid Deck RMX Roller Mower

The original and the best Rigid deck Roller Mower from Wessex – available in 1.8m,2.4m and 3.0m suitable for tractors 30hp and up for a real heavy duty dual roller, heavy duty bearing, simple to adjust, high-speed blades and a crisp defined finish. Ideal for sport – football, rugby, outfield, and park.

Front Mount Models available with reversible headstock for specialist and multi-use tractors.

This roller mower is not to be confused with a rotary topper or finishing mower. With full-width rollers front and rear, precision blades and an exceptionally high blade tip speed, a premium cut quality with a professional striped effect is easily achieved.

Traditionally cylinder mowers were the only way to achieve a premium cut. The annual costs of cylinder regrind, bottom blade replacements, constant bed knife adjustments, and hydraulic oil filters were an accepted overhead. With the Wessex ProLine RMX roller mower, this has changed!

The compact design of the RMX-180 allows easy transport on a trailer, whilst the RMX-240 is the widest, fixed deck roller mower you can transport safely on UK roads. Perfect for contractors and councils looking to travel between mowing jobs without incurring the costs of a folding wing model, it’s an excellent compromise between size and performance and is the most popular roller mower in the series.

Ideal for large private estates and sports complexes where road travel is not necessary, the RMX-300 has a working width of 3.0m and will complement tractors from 55hp upwards.

Running five precision spindles beneath the durable deck, the RMX-300 makes mowing a professional football pitch a quick and smooth operation, with an excellent finished result.