Wessex Tri-Deck RMX Roller Mower

The Wessex ProLine RMX tri-deck mower is the ultimate in wide area mowing, reducing mowing time and increasing both output and profitability. It covers the ground and is transportable on road from site to site. Folding wings allow entrance through gates and storage. Real heavy duty dual roller, heavy duty bearing, simple to adjust, high-speed blades and a crisp defined finish. Ideal for contractor, authority, Sport – Football, Rugby, Outfield and Estate or Park.

This roller mower is not to be confused with a rotary topper or finishing mower. With full-width rollers front and rear, precision blades and an exceptionally high blade tip speed, a premium cut quality with a professional striped effect is easily achieved.

Traditionally cylinder mowers were the only way to achieve a premium cut. The annual costs of cylinder regrinds, bottom blade replacements, constant bed knife adjustments and hydraulic oil filters were an accepted overhead. With the Wessex ProLine RMX roller mower, this has changed!