First In-house Filming and Photography Demo Day

We held our first in-house demo day last week, focusing on both pedestrian and ride-on brush and rough cutters.

Enthusiastic about helping people choose the right machine for their needs and budgets, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our ability to give that help. With that in mind, we put six machines through their paces, videoing them in action so you can see how they operate. The team also took the time to talk through the features and benefits of each machine in turn, also on video, so you can get a better feel for how well each machine would work for you.

Brushcutters from Etesia, Iseki and Orec were all transported off-site to a beautiful local park. Within the park and surrounding a large pond there was a perfectly overgrown area in need of some serious brush cutting! Richard, Scott, Tom, Andy, and James overcame any fear of being on camera and set to work, resulting in 12 videos: one “features” and one “in action” for each machine.

They’re all available to view, fresh and unedited, on our YouTube Channel, so do take a look. While you’re there, do have a look through the other videos on our channel as it’s becoming a fantastic resource for seeing a lot of the products we have available. You may also wish to subscribe to our YouTube Channel? That way you’ll receive a notification every time something new is uploaded.

You can also see the videos with the individual brush cutter products on our Etesia, Iseki and Orec pages.

Meanwhile, here are the videos and a few photos from the day. Enjoy!


Etesia Attila 95 (In Action)

Etesia Attila AH-75 (In Action)

Iseki SRA 950F (In Action)

Orec HR 662 (In Action)

Orec HRC672B (In Action)

Orec Rabbit RM952 (In Action)

Etesia Attila 95 (Key Features)

Etesia Attila AH-75 (Key Features)

Iseki SRA 950F (Key Features)

Orec HR 662 (Key Features)

Orec HRC672B (Key Features)

Orec Rabbit RM952 (Key Features)