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Addax MT

Battery-powered Utility Vehicle from Iseki

Customisable, Functional and Compact!

These versatile lithium battery electric work vehicles can be built to meet a range of needs and uses.

Each vehicle is:

  • Fully customizable to the needs of your business
  • A safe investment with a five-year battery warranty
  • Able to take a payload of up to 1000kg
  • Equipped with spacious, ergonomic cabs
  • Powered by a 72v Lithium iron phosphate battery with a 6-to-7-hour charge time

Electric Combo Tipper (Fully Tipping Body)
These models are ideally suited for the maintenance of parks, cities and green areas. They are compact and extremely user-friendly. These electric all-rounders guarantee  everyday comfort in any working environment. With one of these vehicles, you can effortlessly take your tools everywhere.

Electric Flatbed (Fixed Bed With or Without Sides)
The perfect combination of flexibility and sturdiness. Addax uses the  strongest materials to build their vehicles, providing payloads of up to 1000kg to carry even the heaviest of goods.

If you have experience with commercial vehicles with a flatbed that simply could not meet your storage needs, an Addax electric flatbed may be the solution to your problems. Height and width restrictions are a thing of the past, as these vehicles are standard equipped with an impressive volume of 5m³. High-quality tilting aluminium side walls round off the functional and durable design.

RT Machinery can manufacture specialist additional mesh or solid sides, canvas tops and advertising or corporate signed side boarding.

Three Models

  • MT15n Standard chassis, with caged tipping bed, Webasto diesel heating
  • MT15x Long chassis with caged tipping bed and toolbox with two doors, Webasto diesel heating
  • MT15n standard chassis with caged tipping bed and toolbox with two doors, A/C and heating