Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Thank you Thames Valley Air Ambulance

As a rural business we are reliant on the wonderful staff and volunteers at Thames Valley Air Ambulance in a medical emergency.

In fact we know personally several people whose lives have been saved by an Air Ambulance and so we’re very keen to make a donation to them on the back of our Annual RTM Show every September. A collection is organised at the Show itself, which we then match before transferring the full donation.

It’s amazing that, from their base at RAF Benson in Oxfordshire, the helicopter and team can be anywhere in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire within 15 minutes. Because of the innovative equipment on board and expertise of the team, they are able to bring hospital-level care to an incident, increasing the chance of survival and recovery for a patient.

It’s a real comfort knowing that service is available!

Amazingly the service also operates four critical response vehicles, each with the exact same specialist medical equipment found on board the helicopter. These cars transport teams of paramedics and doctors to patients too and are especially useful in areas the helicopter would struggle to reach.

More about Thames Valley Air Ambulance and to make a donation.

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