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Wessex Mowers

Since the early seventies Wessex have been supplying quality machinery and offering a reliable after sales service and spare parts. Below are just some of the highlights of the range. We are able to offer free demonstrations and even no-obligation on-site demonstration.For more detail call us today!

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Wessex ProLine RMX Roller Mowers
The ProLine Roller mower range comprises a line-up of 3 rigid models in 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m, 3.6m and 4.8m working widths. All models feature overlapping rotors to ensure 100% blade coverage.
Wessex ProLine mower
  • Taper roller spindle bearings
  • Remote grease points
  • Floating linkage points
  • High blade tip speed
  • Simple height adjustment
Guards hinge to give easy access to the belt drive transmission Solid and positive belt tension by way of heavy-duty jockey pulleys Rollers have integral bearings for longevity
Wessex ProLine
Wessex ProLine
Wessex ProLine
Wessex Proline RMX Series
Model RMX 180 RMX 240 RMX 300 RMX 360 RMX 480
Working width 1.8m 2.4m 3.0m 3.6m 4.8m
Overall width 1.95m 2.54m 3.13m 3.7m (1) 4.9m (1)
Overall height range (mm) 10-100 10-100 10-100 10-100 10-100
Approx weight (Kg) 460 580 660 990 1340
Power Req. (hp) 30 40 55 65 80/100 (2)
No of Rotors 3 4 5 6 8
(1) 2.4m with wings folded.
(2) 80 when used with ProGlider chassis / 100 when mounted on tractor's 3 point linkage.
Wessex ProLine
Wessex RMX folding wings
Wessex Proline CRX Multi-Cut Mowers

Wessex CRX Multi-Cut MowerA new concept on the market

The launch of the new Wessex CRX Series MultiCut professional turf mowers heralds the arrival of a new concept of mowers onto the market.

As a Roller Mower, the CRX offers similar characteristics to the well-known Wessex RMX roller mowers, which are renowned for their quality of cut and user-friendliness, but scaled down to include models suited to compact tractors from 20hp.

As a Finishing Mower, the machine still has the extremely high blade tip speed which is one of the secrets of the superb cut quality. This immediately puts the CRX Finishing Mower into a different league to other 4 wheeled finishing mowers on the market, as the cut quality will be equal to that of the roller mowers, yet you still have the increased maneuverability in awkward areas thanks to the castoring wheels.

Wessex CRX Multi-Cut MowerWith front castoring wheels and a rear roller, the CRX is ideally suited to front mounting onto a compact tractor. The front castoring wheels reduce the scuffing effect of a front mounted roller mower, whilst the rear roller will leave the prestigious stripped effect on the turf. The side discharge option allows operation in conjunction with a side collection hose.

  • 1.5m, 1.8m & 2.4m widths – suit tractors from 20hp+
  • Wide variety of feature combinations – suited to all applications
  • High blade tip speed – Superb cut quality
  • Overlapping rotors – 100% blade coverage
  • Baffles beneath the deck - even grass distribution
  • Fitted with TornadoVents as standard – superior air-flow in all modes of operation
  • Floating linkage points – follows ground contours accurately
  • Simple height adjustment – ease of operation
  • Front or rear mounted, side or rear discharge – highly versatile

Wessex CRX Multi-Cut MowerWessex CRX Multi-Cut Mower

Wessex Proline CR Rotary Mowers
Wessex CR mower

The CR series of rotary finishing mowers has gained almost legendary status among groundcare contractors for it's simple yet effective design. Producing first-class results on regularly mown areas, CR mowers run on their own four wheels which, combined with the fully floating linkage points, means that ground contours are accurately followed leaving a premium finish. With it's heavy-duty construction, the CR mower is built to provide a long and hassle-free service life.

  • Ideal for compact tractors from 12hp
  • Swinging blade tips for maximum resistance to stone damage
  • Anti-scalp disc eliminates unsightly scalping
  • Simple cut height adjustment
  • Superior finish on regularly mown areas of grass
Wessex CR The three rotors are staggered to give 100% blade coverage, eliminating uncut strips of grass. Baffles beneath the deck ensure an even distribution of clippings. Wessex CR Swinging blade tips ensure maximum resistance to stone damage with minimum power consumption, whilst the anti-scalp disc eliminates unsightly scalping.
Wessex CR Drive belts are tensioned simultaneously by one sliding action of the gearbox. Wessex CR Cutting height can easily be altered by a simple index pin mechanism
Working width
Overall width
Cutting height range (mm)
Approx weight (Kg)
Minimum Power Req. (hp)
Wessex CR mower
country by WessexWessex Country has been developed to meet the needs of small holders, private estate owners and groundcare contractors who are looking for all the qualities and benefits of a top brand name without paying for the premium price tag.

Wessex Country AT110 ATV Topper

Wessex Country AT110 ATV Topper This fantastic product has been developed to suit the needs of the ATV user working to a budget. With the pedigree of the distinguished Wessex brand behind it the AT110 topper will perfectly complement ATV’s and utility vehicles in groundcare or agricultural use.

Key features:

  • designed specifically for the ATV / utility vehicle user
  • 1.1m working width
  • 12.5hp B&S engine
  • single blade bar
  • drawbar allows for use to left, right or central behind ATV

Wessex Country CT Pasture Topper

Wessex Country CT pasture TopperNow a firm favourite in the Country range, these well-built yet economical pasture toppers fill the considerable gap between mediocre Far Eastern products and the professional Wessex
range. Designed for general maintenance on private estates and paddocks these toppers are built up to a quality, not down to a price, and boast features such as a floating A-frame, single
blade bar with swinging blade tips, and full guarding to HSE specifications. Simply hitch to your compact tractor, connect the PTO…… and work!

Key features:

  • single blade bar with swinging tips for minimum power consumption and maximum resistance to stone damage
  • floating A-frame
  • adjustable side skids
  • fully guarded to HSE requirements
  • available in working widths of 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m


Wessex Country Finishing Mowers

A range of sturdy, 4-wheeled finishing mowers for private estates, large gardens and general maintenance of fine turf areas. Available in 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.1m working widths. The 1.5m and 1.8m models are also available as front mounted machines.

Features include :

  • Overlapping rotors
  • Adjustable lower link points
  • Floating top link
  • Simple height of cut variation
  • Simple belt adjustment
Wessex Country Finishing mower
Country Finishing Mower overlapping rotors
Country Finishing Mower
Country Finishing Mower
Country Finishing Mower
Working width (m) 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10
Overall width (m) 1.35 1.62 1.93 2.23
HP req'd (hp) 12+ 15+ 20+ 25+
Weight (kg) 178 196 214 370
Cutting height range (mm) 20-110 20-110 20-110 38-114

Wessex Country Flail Mowers

A range of heavy-duty flail mowers in 3 working widths for long grass and dense vegetation. Featuring heavy hammer flails and a full width rear roller the Country flail mower range are ideal for maintaining paddocks, rough grass areas and woodland rides.

Features include :

  • Hammer flails for pulverising heavy material
  • Full width roller for cutting height adjustment
  • Drive belts act as shock overload protection
  • Heavy cast gearbox
  • Front stone guards
  • In-line or offset linkage
Wessex Country Flail mower
Wessex Country Flail mower
Working width (m) 1.10 1.25 1.40
Overall width (m) 1.27 1.42 1.57
HP req'd (hp) 15 18 20
Weight (kg) 245 267 289
No. of hammers 8 8 10

Country Fertiliser Spreaders

Two pto driven spinning disc fertiliser spreaders ideal for distributing fertiliser and grass seed etc on paddocks and lawns or for spreading salt on driveways and car parks.

Available in 270 litre and 360 litre capacities, these popular spreaders will suit compact tractors from 12hp upwards.

Features include :

  • Agitator eliminates clogging
  • Stainless steel disc
  • Adjustable spreading fins
  • Simple flow regulator
  • Optional spread limiter for salt applications
Wessex Country Fertiliser spreader
Wessex Country Fertiliser spreader
Wessex Country Fertiliser spreader
Wessex Country Fertiliser spreader
Wessex Country Fertiliser spreader
Hopper capacity (litres) 270 360
Hopper capacity (kilos) 350 466
Height (m) 1.05 1.13
Weight (kg) 58 63
Spread width
Up to 14 metres

Country Rotary Cultivators

The Country rotary cultivators are available in 1m and 1.2m working widths, and will suit tractors from 15hp upwards. Featuring a heavy cast gearbox, a chain and sprocket drive and a friction plate clutch on the pto shaft, these popular machines are ideal for private estates, nurseries and glasshouse work.

Features include :

  • Chain and sprocket transmission
  • Adjustable side-skids
  • Adjustable tailgate
  • Friction plate clutch
  • Parking stand
Wessex Country Rotary Cultivator
Wessex Country Rotary Cultivator
Wessex Country Rotary Cultivator
Wessex Country Rotary Cultivator
Working width (m) 1.0 1.2
Overall width (m) 1.3 1.5
HP req'd (hp) 16 18
Weight (kg) 106 118
No. of blades 16 20
Wessex Proline TGX Front Mounted Flail Mower

Wessex TGR Flail MowerEqually at home on a sports pitch or a roadside verge, the Wessex ProLine TGX series defines outfront flail mowing. Complementing all popular brands of outfront power units, the TGX-150 makes short work of long or fine grass. Maximum power efficiency, minimum effort.

Key features

  • cuts long grass on roadside verges with ease, yet also leaves a premium finish on sports turf
  • follows ground contours accurately with it’s own wheels and full width rear roller
  • simple cutting height adjustment
  • 1.5m working width
  • puncture-proof tyres
  • designed to complement most popular brands of outfront power unit; John Deere, Kubota, Shibaura, Ransomes, Iseki and others
  • fully guarded to HSE specifications
  • double skin deck for durability and strength
  • 34 flails
  • cutting height range of 25 - 100mm
AR Series Rotary Mowers

Wessex AR Series Rotary Mower

Wessex AR Series Rotary Mower

Your ATV and Wessex AR rotary mowers - the perfect match!

The WESSEX AR Series Rotary Mowers are the first choice for paddock topping and maintaining regularly mown grass areas, as the work rates are higher, and the maintenance cost lower than that of a flail machine.

Available in 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m working widths, and with a variety of engine sizes, the AR Series rotaries are robust and durable machines ideally suited to private estates, farms, and studs.

When operating behind a 4x4 or a car, the AR180, 1.8m model is recommended as firstly, the machine can be seen in the rear view mirrors, and secondly, a more powerful engine is favoured due to the possibility of overloading. Standard machines are fitted with side mounted wheels, which allow ground contours to be followed accurately without scalping. However, if a machine is required to mow close to borders and fences etc, the optional rear wheel configuration is available on the 1.2m and 1.5m models only. With wheels behind the machine, the weight on the ball hitch is greatly increased, therefore when using a rear wheeled machine, the towing vehicle must have adequate weight capacity on the draw bar.

If the towing vehicle has inadequate drawbar capacity, the third wheel option is available. The entire weight of the machine is now on its own wheels and the drawbar is floating

Wessex AF Flail Mowers
Control difficult areas with your ATV and Wessex AF flail mowers!

Wessex AF 120 flail mowerDeveloped to meet the demanding needs of contractors, the Wessex AF flail mower is the ideal tool for estate owners and farmers to control dense vegetation such as long grass, brambles and bracken. It is equally at home maintaining forestry and woodland areas. Designed to perfectly complement the versatility and 'go-anywhere' ability of ATV's and UTV's these flails are built to perform in demanding conditions - year after year..

The WESSEX AF Series, in 1.2m and 1.6m working widths are undoubtedly one of the most robust and durable range of self-powered flail mowers on the UK market. Featuring a 5mm steel plate deck, a rear roller, 3 drive belts, a manual engagement clutch and the option of a 13hp Honda, or a 16hp or 18hp Briggs & Stratton v-twin engine, the AF Series are specially designed to suit the most demanding applications.


wessex AFC 160The WESSEX AFC range of flail mowers have the engine centrally located on the deck, for maximum stability when working on steep slopes.

Wheel options -  AF & AFC flail mowers are available with four variations of wheel configurations, not only to suit any application but also to satisfy the legal requirements of the British HSE.

The standard version comes with 16x6.5x8 tyres on the end of the machine, in-line with the rotor, to ensure ground contours are followed accurately. In this configuration the machine is very well balanced and the weight on the drawbar is minimal, which makes hitching to the quad an easy operation. For use in boggy and wet conditions, the optional 22x11x8 flotation tyres are recommended.

Rear wheel option - if the machine is required to cut close to fences & borders, or the overall width is critical because or narrow access, the rear wheel option is available on the 1.2m version. With the wheels behind, significant weight is transferred onto the drawbar, therefore the user must check the drawbar capacity of the towing vehicle. When fitted with rear wheels, the AF has a screw jack on the drawbar to aid connecting to the towing vehicle.  

Four wheel option - the AF is also available with four wheels. This gives you the best of both worlds as all wheels are within the width of the machine, and as all the weight is on the four wheels, the drawbar is floating and is therefore well within the limitations of the ATV.


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MTC120E Sweeper Collector

Wessex MTC120E sweeper collectorDesigned for the maintenance of private estates, parks & large gardens. The Wessex MTC-120-E is an easy to use, yet highly effective machine which is self powered via a Honda 5.5hp engine, making it the perfect tool to pair with an ATV or UTV.

  • use with any vehicle fitted with a 50mm ball hitch
  • use for sweeping all areas from car parks to sports turf
  • self-powered by Honda 5.5hp engine
  • simple brush height adjustment via front wheels
  • 1.2m working width
  • 0.7m3 hopper capacity

When full, the hopper is rolled over by means of a hand operated winch to give a clean discharge on the ground. The h9opper is finelt balanced on the pivot point to ensure an easy roll-over, while a spring-loaded pin secures the hopper in position when in operation.

STC Series Collectors

Wessex STC CollectorThe professional groundsman’s best friend! Available in 1.2m and 1.8m working widths, the STC series collector is a true, all-year round machine for the maintenance of golf courses, large gardens and amenity turf.

Whether the requirement is for a flail collector to cut and collect on the golf course rough, a professional scarifier for use on a sports pitch, or for a sweeper collector for collecting autumn leaves from areas of parkland, the STC collector is the ideal machine.

The STC is semi-mounted to the tractor to allow the brush to follow the ground contours in work, and be lifted out of work for transport. As the whole machine is not lifted on the linkage, the STC can be operated behind a small tractor with limited lifting capacity. The STC runs on it’s own 4 wheels totally independent of the tractor. The front wheels are fully castoring and are repositioned by a simple pin mechanism to adjust the working height, whilst
the two rear wheels have flotation tyres to keep turf compaction to a minimum. Power is transmitted from the tractor through a heavy cast gearbox and belt drive to the rotor.

Wessex STC CollectorWhen emptying, the hopper is tipped hydraulically at 1.5m to allow the debris to be tipped directly into a low trailer or skip.

Wessex STC Sweeper BrushWhen in sweeping mode, the STC is fitted with the brush rotor comprising 4 banks of hardwearing polypropolene bristles which will lift autumn leaves, grass clippings and litter effortlessly into the hopper. The bristles, which are secured firmly into a pre-drilled hardwood strip with a wire staple, are a generous length to give a good `flick` action ensuring that the material is thrown to the back of the hopper.


Wessex STC Flail BladesAs a flail collector, the STC is fitted with a large diameter steel
drum rotor with 4 rows of closely spaced flails, and 2 rows of draft paddles to create the suction for collecting the grass. The STC has no narrow throat as with many collectors, therefore long or short grass will be collected efficiently without blocking even in wet conditions. Not only will the STC leave a fine finish on short turf, but is also ideal for end of season clearance of wild flower areas or golf course rough.


Wessex STC Scarifying KnivesWhen in scarifying mode, the flail blades are replaced with 2mm verti-cutting knives for a professional scarifying operation. Ideal for sports field work or lawns, the STC scarifier will leave a clean cut through the turf at approx. 30mm centres.

STC 120
STC 180
Working Width
Overall Width
Hopper Capacity
Power Required


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MTX120E Dung Beetle

Wessex SX120 paddock cleaner The Wessex Dung Beetle MTX120E is powered by a 5 hp Honda petrol engine, and drive is transmitted to the rotor via twin drive belts. A centrifugal clutch allows the operator to engage/disengage the rotor brush from the seat. A versatile paddock cleaner for private horse owners, zoos, equestrian centres, riding school, alpaca farms & much more.

The Wessex Dung Beetle is an easy to use yet effective machine.

Paddock maintenance - Regular sweeping with the Dung Beetle will keep the paddocks free of horse droppings, dead grass and twigs - ensuring a clean, healthy environment for the horses. The grooming action of the bristles will also encourage fresh new growth of healthy grass - a benefit not gained with a vacuum-type machine.

Superb ground contour following - The Dung Beetle runs on its own four wheels so there is no weight on the drawbar of the towing vehicle, which ensures maximum stability at all times. The front wheels are directly in line with the brush rotor to allow the ground contours to be followed accurately. They are adjustable for altering the height of the brush, by means of a simple screw handle on each side. Markers ensure an even brush setting across the full width of the machine.

Wessex Dung Beetle muck tinesMuck tines - The adjustable spring tines rake through the grass & loosen any stubborn muck to aid the brushes with collection.

Health & safety - As with all Wessex ATV equipment, to satisfy the British HSE & the European CE legislations, the Dung Beetle is fitted with a swivelling ball hitch. This is to protect the operator in the unlikely event of the trailed implement turning over.

Easy hopper emptying - When full, the hopper is rolled over with the aid of the winch, to give a clean discharge into a neat heap on the ground. The hopper is finely balanced on the pivot points to ensure an easy roll-over, and a spring loaded pin secures the hopper in position when in operation.

Wessex Dung Beetle polypropylene bristlesPowerful sweeping - The rotor comprises four banks of hard-wearing polypropolene bristles fastened into a hardwood strip. The generous length of the bristles give a good 'flick' action, ensuring that any debris is propelled effortlessly into the hopper. The brush strips are simply bolted in pairs through the steel box section rotor, and are quick & easy to change when worn.

  • Working width 1.2m
  • Overall width 1.85m
  • Hopper capacity (approx) 0.7m
  • Weight 290kg
Ménage Graders

Wessex MG230 menage graderMénage areas at equestrian centres need careful maintenance. With the Wessex grader, smoothing and levelling off sand or rubber crumb is child's play. One blade can be angled to pull material away from edging boards, while sturdy galvanised steel construction throughout means the unit is durable & robust.

Two adjustable levellers iron out any irregularities ahead of the wheels to allow the blade to maintain a level grade.

Wessex MGX230 grader tinesParticularly suitable for rubber crumb pitches is the MGX-230, with a row of sprung steel tines used to rake through the material, allowing the grader blade to level simply & without 'clumping'.

Width : 2.4m
Length: 2.1m

Chain Harrows and Graders

Wessex Country chain harrowKeep your grassland in peak condition!

A chain harrow is still the simplest and one of the most popular methods of rejuvenating tired paddocks and areas of grassland. Our harrow comprises of a sturdy box section frame which holds the 11mm chain mat securely, while allowing the mat to be tensioned according to the ground conditions. A Cat. 1.3pt linkage hitches the chain harrow securely to a compact tractor.

For ease of maneuverability when negotiating narrow gateways the outer wing sections fold manually to reduce the overall width to just 1.6m.

Overall Width (m)
Transport width (m)
Length (m)
Approx Weight (kg)

Wessex Country GraderWessex Country graders are ideal for levelling and smoothing surfaces such as ménage grading in equestrian centres and riding schools, or for use in landscaping applications.

Four heavy angle iron bars in a reversible steel frame ensure that sods and clods are ironed out flat.

Key features :

  • available in 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.4m widths
  • strong, simple grader for effective levelling and smoothing
Hydraulic Tipping Trailers
Wessex tipping trailer

Designed to offer a long, reliable service life, the Wessex 1.5 & 3.0 ton trailers are built tough to take the demands of professional users. Wessex trailers feature a powerful hydraulic tipping ram, removable sides and tailgate, and options such as parking brake, lighting board for road use and mesh side extensions, which are ideal for transporting bulk materials such as green waste.

Low pressure tyres come as standard to protect fine lawns and grass from tyre damage, making the Wessex trailer an ideal trailer for groundsmen, private schools, amenity operators and sports clubs.

1.5 Ton
3.0 Ton
Tyre sizes Standard
Length excl. d.bar (m)
Width (m)
Side height(m)
Loading height(m)



Rotary Cultivators
A range of robust and durable rotary tillers to suit the needs of domestic users, growers, landscape contractors and farmers. All models are fully guarded to the European CE and British Health & Safety standards and come with a friction plate clutch as standard.

EKF Series

the EKF Series are heavy-duty machines for the landscaper and farmer. They are available in 4 working widths and, like the EXF, with chain and sprocket transmission system.

Model 110
145 155
Working width (m) 1.0 1.12 1.38 1.5
Overall width (m)
1.55 1.65
No. of blades
32 36
Weight (Kg)
246 266
Min power (hp)
24 30


Wessex EKF Cultivator

Wessex EAF Cultivator

EAF Series

This extra heavy-duty range of machines are for the contractor and are available in 4 working widths. They feature a heavier gearbox and headstock plus a direct gear driven transmission system

185 210
Working width (m) 1.24 1.5 1.7 2.05
Overall width (m)
2.0 2.25
No. of blades
42 48
Weight (Kg)
400 428
Min power (hp)
50 60

Wessex Fertiliser spreader

Compact Fertiliser Spreaders

The Wessex compact fertiliser spreaders are spinning disc type spreaders designed specifically for the compact tractor. They will spread granular fertiliser, powders, grass seed, dried sand and salt and have an extended agitator as standard. The frame is constructed of sturdy tubular steel section and the hopper is galvanised for durability.

An optional PVC hopper cover protects the contents from the weather while the spread limiter kit reduces the spread width to approx 1.5m.

Model 250
Capacity (litres) 250 350
Spread width (m) 5-12 5-12
Wessex Fertiliser spreader
Wessex Mini Spreader

Mini Spreaders

Designed to complement garden tractors and ride-on lawn mowers etc the Wessex trailed mini spreader is a ground wheel driven spinning disc spreader ideal for spreading fertiliser or grass seed etc on paddocks, lawns or smaller sports turf areas. Drive is transmitted to the disc via an oil filled bevel gearbox, and the flow rate to the disc is altered by a lever and cable assembly which can be reached from the driving seat.

Model Mini Spreader
Capacity (litres) 150
Spread width (m) 2-8
Overall width (m) 0.81


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