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Pellenc History

In 1973, Roger Pellenc observed and reflected, surrounded by the vineyards of the Vaucluse. He came up with the idea of a trimmer for pruning the vines. It was an immediate success and the Pellenc company was born. Three years later, a second technological innovation, the first hydraulic pruning shears, was developed. The SME is on the road to success and will mark the history of viticulture.

From research to the registration of patents, from inventions to small revolutions, Pellenc received it's first award for innovation in 1983 during the Vinitech trade fair for the pre-pruner. nothing would stop the fertile imagination of roger Pellenc and his sixty employees. Four years later he launched the first electric shears. They also prove to be a commercial success. Winemakers and fruit growers adopt it immediately.

The 1990s would be the start of the adventure abroad. The subsidiaries in Span and Australia are created. Others follow in South America, North Africa and China. Between the opening of new offices and developing innovative solutions for each of it's markets the Pellenc Group would gradually create it's network on five continents. In 2014, they opened their fifteenth subsidiary in South Africa, a lead market where "Made in France" is an asset.

Meanwhile, the group strengthened it's tooling sector with the creation of their Green & City Technology division in 2008. Driven by a philosophy that combines user comfort and safety with environmental awareness, the division develops and markets "Zero Emission" products for the maintenance of parks and public spaces.

In 2013 the group acquired the company Materiel Pera, a leading player in the sector of wine making equipment. This acquisition constitutes vertical development of the group's activities for becoming a global leader in turnkey engineering solutions for the winemaking market. Meanwhile the group opened a subsidiary in the Bordeaux region to develop a presence in this highly symbolic market, opposite it's main competitor.

In 2011, in order to sustain his business and to ensure the pursuit of his strateegy for success to his employees, Roger Pellenc found an industrial and financial partner in Somfy Participations who share his values and conviction: there is an industry of excellence capable of designing and manufacturing products in France with high technological value and successfully exporting them worldwide.

Today Pellenc has 1,150 employees, 360 based at the registered office in Pertuis with 120 employees working in R & D. The company has recorded 850 patents in 40 years.

Pellenc Innovation & Investment the Story So Far :


Pellenc designs and manufactures powerful, light and compact hand-held tools thanks to the control of state-of-the-art technology: very high efficiency new-technology motors. The efficiency obtained from this type of motor is far greater than that of the former generation of direct current motors; the result is that your tool operates better with the advantage of reduced weight and size. In fact, the energy losses are low because the motor, which is directly coupled with the cutting tool, has an efficiency close to 90% (as opposed to that of a combustion-engine motor which is less than 40 %). Furthermore, the Pellenc new-technology motor is the only electric motor which develops so much power for such a small size and which has a very long service life due to its design. Finally, the Pellenc very high efficiency motor runs at speeds of up to 18,000 rpm (Treelion pruning shears motor) without wear or sparks.

Pellenc Ultra Lithium BatteryPellenc Battery Pack
Pellenc is the world’s first manufacturer to offer a whole range of professional tools for parks and gardens, local authorities, golf courses, etc., which operate with very high capacity lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to their technological advance, Pellenc products are in keeping with sustainable development.

Forget the excessive use of fossil fuels, nauseating smells, never-ending noise pollution and the excessive weight of combustion-engine tools after a day’s work. With Pellenc, you work most often without ear protectors, you can breathe freely, no cramp or pause for tired muscles, and especially, no need to refill your tank all day long. With Pellenc Ultra Lithium Batteries, you have only advantages, including excellent cost effectiveness, and no disadvantage!

Regardless of the model used, the Ultra Lithium Battery provides constant power and has a charge level indicator which indicates your remaining working time. You therefore have from a half day’s work to a full day’s work according to the type of tool used. The Ultra Lithium Battery is equipped with a smart charging system. The battery can be charged at any time. Incidentally, if the battery is not used for 4 consecutive days, the battery automatically discharges to ensure optimum storage and an excellent service life. After 600 complete charging and discharging cycles, the battery capacity still reaches 80 % of its initial one. Delivered with an ergonomic harness, perfectly adjustable to your base shape, PELLENC batteries have been designed to make your daily work easier, given you more independence and freedom in your work. The Ultra Lithium Battery also preserves the environment because it’s 80 % recyclable. There are several models of Ultra Lithium Battery (see the details on the following pages). Like all the other PELLENC products, Ultra lithium Battery benefits from a very-high-capacity technology which guarantees use with no odour, no pollution and a revolutionary working capacity.

Pellenc Batteries

The New Pellenc 1200 battery and harness enters UK market

Pellenc ULiB 1200 BatteryThe new Pellenc ULiB 1200 battery and harness has entered the UK market with battery life increased by 20% compared to the to the ULiB1100 battery.

The ULiB 1200 battery meets all of the professional requirements in terms of performance, comfort and technology, and offers increased autonomy of up to 20% – up to five hours of work with the most energy-consuming Pellenc tools in the range.

The new harness associated with the ULiB 1200 battery reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders considerably by a better distribution of the weight and leaves the user free of their movements. The battery is also waterproof to IP54 standards.

The new battery has the highest capacity on the market and is equivalent to 5640 litres of petrol. Pellenc engineers have worked on the balance and ergonomics to ensure power, precision and comfort. This major innovation allows an extended life of 40% and is in line with Pellenc’s desire to reduce direct CO2 emissions and guarantee recycling at 80% of the product.

With more than twelve years’ experience, Pellenc is the pioneer of professional battery-powered tools and this new battery guarantees performance, ergonomics and battery life that will revolutionise the use of professional battery-powered tools.

The ergonomics and lightness of the new Pellenc harness offer an optimal level of comfort in use. Its weight is perfectly distributed on the essential axes of back support. 70% of the mass rests on the hips and only 30% on the shoulders. The intuitive adjustment of the entire carrying system, from the straps to the backbone, adapts to any working habits of the user. The battery is also reversible on its harness to facilitate work closer to the ground with the Airion blower.

An HMI display managed by an intelligent processor optimises the use of the battery. It indicates a lot of information such as working time per tool, maximum power delivered by the battery or any fault alerts. In addition, the blinking mode of the screen and reflex reflectors allow the operator to view the display at all times even in dim light.

Technical Specifications of the Pellenc ULiB 1200 battery

Energy: 1221 W/h
Weight: 6.3kgs
Water Resistance: IP54 rated
Autonomy: up to 5 hours
Guarantee: three year commercial warranty

All Pellenc batteries and tools come with a three-year commercial warranty.


PellencSolerion - Solar Charging Station

Pellenc Solerion solar charging stationPellenc Solerion

Once the Solerion photovoltaic (PV) panels are installed, they use an MPPT* load regulator that scans the photo panel cells and monitors the power drawn from them, and then optimises it with the battery connected. This detection is all done automatically. A maximum of three batteries can be charged at one time, by using three separate convertors. A Poly5 battery can be recharged in normal sunlight levels in under three hours as opposed to five hours on a standard 2.2a mains charger.

* MPPT : Maximum Power Point Tracking. This function allows the optimum power drawn to be scanned permanently so that the photovoltaic panels are subsequently supplied with the maximum peak power.

Pellenc NEWS

Pellenc Launches Intelligent Smart Battery Park Management

Pellenc BMS smart battery chargerPellenc has announced the launch of an intelligent smart Battery Park Management (BMS) system, which will allow users to charge up to ten batteries simultaneously.

With Pellenc tools having gained popularity over the past six years since they were officially launched at Saltex, Windsor, Etesia UK - the official UK and Ireland distributor, has found that users are now using multiple batteries that require recharging overnight, as Les Malin, operations director explains:

"When operators previously used multiple batteries, it meant having a series of chargers all requiring individual 13amp sockets on a bench taking up valuable space but also using unsafe extension leads or adaptors. The BMS centralises battery management of all Pellenc batteries allowing a maximum of ten chargers, two of which can be rapid chargers, to be housed in one secure and safe metal cabinet with only one mains plug required."

On the front of the cabinet is a user friendly touch pad that allows the operator to individually control all of the batteries charging input. You can choose from standard pre-programmed or maintenance charges, and enter in to the system, the cost of electricity and cost of petrol. Over the preceding weeks and months, the system will calculate the savings made - both in fuel and electricity, while also showing the amount of Co2 that has been offset which will become even more important in this environmentally-friendly conscious age.


Pellenc launches Cleanion battery-powered brush

Pellenc Cleanion battery powered brushPellenc has launched the Cleanion – a pedestrian battery-powered brush suitable for removing debris from natural and artificial grass and other hard surfaces. Pellenc is sold exclusively in the UK by Etesia UK.

The Pellenc Cleanion is a revolutionary, self-driven brush which is powered by the ULiB battery seen on the rest of the company’s range of tools. With a large working width and a long operating time of battery charge sufficient for demanding professional use, the Cleanion has a range of uses including:

  • Remove debris from grass and hard surfaces.
  • Effective snow broom for clearing streets and paths (with the attachment of a snow blade)
  • Suitable for paths, drives, constructions sites and car parks.
  • Effective on tarmac, block paving, concrete, grass and artificial surfaces.
  • Brush untreated moss from areas such as tennis courts, car parks and terraces.
  • Brushing artificial surfaces to keep the infill mobile, lift the pile and prevent algae accumulation and surface compaction
  • Remove debris from golf course fairways.
  • Brush tennis courts, pitches and playgrounds prior to line marking.

The Pellenc Cleanion powered brush has adjustable speed and direction, as well as variable speed control for forward and reverse. Brushing pressure is also reflected in the LCD screen. Optional attachments including a snow plough and can be changed conveniently using the quick release coupling and features a foldable handle for easy storage and transport between sites.

All Pellenc batteries and tools come complete with a three year commercial warranty as standard – the first manufacturer to offer this on battery-powered tools.

Pellenc announces battery updates

Pellenc batteryPellenc has announced a host of new features for their new range of batteries ensuring a quiet, powerful, low vibration and low emission operation for users. Pellenc is sold exclusively in the UK by Etesia UK.

There are now 18 Ergonomic tools available in Pellenc's battery-powered range so there's a tool to cover every landscaping need. From chainsaws, pole saws and hedge cutters to grass strimmers, brushcutters and the new Rasion Rotary mower that uses and shares the same battery!
Pellenc's zero emission concept offers a full range of truly professional handheld power tools which are powerful, silent and emission-free thanks to the lithium-ion technology and 'brushless' electric motors which are patented to the company.
Updates include:

  • Even more power from the 700p battery. 752wh and 2.5kw of power
  • Even lighter 700p battery. The new battery weighs just 5.2kgs
  • Longer hibernation period. All four batteries in the range will now hibernate for up to two years when not in use
  • Longer sleep mode. All four batteries in the range will now go into 'sleep' mode for ten days before switching to hibernation mode. Previously it was three days

All Pellenc batteries and tools come complete with a three year commercial warranty as standard - the first manufacturer to offer this on battery-powered tools.

Reduce noise, Pollution and vibration and take away the costly elements of servicing and relying on petrol engines recoils and finiky two stroke engines – Plug it in , charge it up and switch on .   Better still after a period of time you can be running for penny’s rather than pounds !

Customers can now purchase Pellenc tools through our hire to buy or Etesia's own finance partner ask for details –

Pellenc are first manufacturer to offer 3 year commercial warranty *

Etesia UK, the UK distributor of Pellenc battery-powered tools has announced it will now offer a three year commercial warranty* as standard – an extension of the normal manufacturers 12 month warranty. General Manager for Etesia UK, Les Malin, said that this firmly establishes the Pellenc brand as the only truly professional range of battery-operated products on the market. "We have always been confident with the exceptional quality of the Pellenc tools, and have total confidence in every product that we sell to customers. That's an easy thing to say as a manufacturer, but to back it up with this new warranty is quite a different matter and further proves that the Pellenc brand is way ahead of any other battery-powered equipment currently on the market".

(* Manufacturer's terms and conditions apply)

Landscape contractor chooses Pellenc for quiet garden maintenance

Alaster Anderson Specialist Gardeners, a London-focused soft landscaping and garden maintenance company, has purchased a range of environmentally friendly battery-powered Pellenc products.

Alaster Anderson using Pellenc productsThe purchase includes two grass strimmers, two hedge trimmers, two blowers, long reach hedge cutter and chainsaw - all powered by four ultra-lithium batteries, which provide a constant power, giving the contractor up to a full day of work depending on the type of tool used.

Senior Horticulturalist Natalie Nixon first heard of Pellenc three years ago whilst working at RHS Wisley, where the products are also extensively used.

"I was very impressed with the Pellenc products I had used at Wisley, so when I joined here, it was only natural I recommended them when a customer said he wanted to use 'green' maintenance equipment where ever possible."

Natalie's priority is a six acre private garden in North London where she spends 3-4 days each week, which was designed by Christopher Bradley-Hole and is based on the concept of field patterns.

"We have a lot of grasses, perennials and hedging made up of maple, beach and hornbeam which all require a lot of on-going maintenance."

Hedging can take anything up to six weeks of the year, which is generally at the end of July and the beginning of August. "What I find really good when we have to cut the hedging is how quiet all the machinery is. I know our client doesn't like to hear the noise of petrol-powered tools, so using the Pellenc equipment ensures it's so much quieter not just for the client and neighbours but also for us as the users as well It means that we no longer have to use ear defenders which can sometimes be restrictive."

Natalie particularly likes the four-speed selector on the Helion hedge cutter, Excelion grass strimmer and Airion blower: "I like the fact that you are able to work at variable speeds, which are really easy to adjust to the correct working speed, rather than just on or off. For what we do here, this technology is perfect as you have a lot of control and get a really good finish."

In the last five years, Pellenc has gained market recognition by offering a unique range of 'zero emission' battery-powered handheld tools, thanks to the development of Lithium-ion ultra-high performance batteries. This technology, which is exclusive to Pellenc, allows for a drastic reduction in the production of greenhouse gases and noise pollution. It is also comfortable for users, meets new sustainable development demands and offers excellent economic profitability.

Another benefit that Natalie likes is that the battery pack is harnessed to the users back, which she explains makes the machines simpler to use and easy to handle.

"With the amount of adjustments that can be made on the harness, the machines are ideal for quality work. I used to struggle with petrol hedge cutters and that can really affect the quality of the cut. I found that I was getting tired by the end of the day and began to drop the blade, but it's now a distant memory since we've switched to Pellenc.”

Here is an interview with Natalie Nixon :


PellencRasion Battery Mower

Pellenc Rasion Basic MowerRASION BASIC

Manoeuvrability and revolutionary ergonomics!

Weighing less than 25 kg, the RASION BASIC lawnmower revolutionises working conditions for green space professionals. Ultra-manoeuvrable, easily transportable and with unmatched power, RASION BASIC offers impeccable cut quality for all types of mowing work undertaken by landscapers and local authorities.

  • 1,100W power
  • Up to 3,600m2 of maintenance mowing with one ULIB 1100 battery
  • Electronic blade speed setting from 3,000 to 5,000 rpm
  • 60cm cutting width
  • Synchronised dual blades
  • Automatic jam clearing
  • 70L collection box
  • Perfect handling and zero-turn capability thanks to it's low weight and two front swivel wheels.
  • Cutting height adjustment from 25 to 75mm
  • Low noise allowing work close to business or residential areas at any time
  • Zero CO2 emissions
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • 30% higher cutting yield compared with a conventiuonal battery mower

Rasion Basic Battery Powered Mower Rasion Basic battery powered mower

More details available in the Pellenc Product Brochure PDF document from Pellenc


Powerful, yet effortless mowing

The variable speed model of the professional range of mowers surprises by its design as much as by its technicality. It is the lightest professional mower in its class, has a cutting width of 60 cm and is equipped with a double blade. RASION SMART was developed with the sole aim of improving the working conditions of its users.

Rasion Smart battery mower

  • Power of 960W.
  • Up to 3,600 m² of maintenance mowing with one ULiB 1100 battery.
  • LCD control for all functions
  • Rasion Smart mower LCD screenElectronic speed setting of the blades from 3,000 to 5,000 rpm.
  • Electronic adjustment of the cutting height: 25 mm to 75 mm.
  • Cutting width: 60 cm.
  • Synchronised dual blades.
  • Even mowing with no wheel traces on the ground.
  • 70 L capacity of the collection box, namely, more than 10 kg of finely cut grass.
  • Automatic jam clearing.
  • Sealing level of IP54.
  • Weighs less than 30 kg
  • Pellenc Rasion battery mower sensorsAutomatic adjustment of the travel speed
  • Perfect handling thanks to its weight and its two front swivel wheels
  • The vertical position, with the folded handlebar, facilitates transport and optimises space when stored
  • The Zero Turn function made possible with the two front swivel wheels allowing the mower to turn freely and effortlessly
  • Safe cleaning position
  • Low maintenance.
  • Rasion smart mower single arm handlebarSingle arm handlebar for easy access to the box
  • It produces less noise so you can work close to business and residential areas at any time.
  • Zero C0² emissions
  • Made from recyclable materials.
  • Uses the ULiB 1100 and 700 batteries
  • New, high efficiency motor of 93 % for reduced energy consumption
  • Dual blade technology for finer cutting and more compacting of the grass in the collection box
  • 30 % higher cutting yield in comparison with a conventional battery mowers

More details available in the Pellenc Product Brochure PDF document from Pellenc

Pellenc Helion universal hedge trimmerPellencHelion Hedge Trimmers


Pellenc Helion hedge trimmerPellenc Helion
HELION hedge trimmers are efficient tools that meet the needs of professionals in terms of power and trimming quality. Their odourless operation and light weight allow the user to work comfortably when trimming hedges, ornamental trees and also for pruning with the new HELION 2 COMPACT.


  • NEW: Cutting power designed for pruning and finishing HELION 2 COMPACT
  • Anti-locking blades system
  • NEW: Fast Connector system: quick connection and disconnect of the tool HELION 2 COMPACT
  • Best compromise between vibrations/cutting capacity
  • Good for a full day of work
  • NEW: IP 54 sealing level HELION 2 COMPACT


  • Soft Touch rotating handgrip
  • Its light weight improves working conditions
  • Quick Switch system with four types of interchangeable cutter bars on the same engine
  • NEW: Retractable trigger HELION 2 COMPACT


  • Quiet working environment
  • Odourless and pollution-free operation
  • Zero emissions and zero waste


  • At least € 8 of petrol saved per day.
  • 1 motor with different blade sizes
  • Low maintenance
  • No need for fuel-oil mixture
  • Multi-function battery

Whether it be the Compact, Pole or Telescopic model, Helion hedge trimmers improve your working conditions. Particularly light (from 3.5 kg to 4 kg), they are equipped with a 1200-watt very high efficient motor, developed by Pellenc. Thanks to the 4-speed selector, you can adapt your tool to the desired type of trimming. For easy topping, the Pole and Telescopic models are equipped with +85°/-45° head angle adjustment, whereas for trimming vertically, a +/-90° pivoting handle has been included on the Compact 2 model.

You can adapt the blade which suits you to each of these tools : the 51 cm for precise or sculpture type trimming, the 63 cm for standard trimming (also exists with deflector and one-sided blade, model 63D) and the 75 cm for intensive trimming. All these cutting heads are universal, i.e. they can be fitted to all the Pellenc models and are very easily interchangeable. Like all the other Pellenc products, Ultra lithium Battery benefits from a very-high-capacity technology which guarantees use with no odour, no pollution and a revolutionary working capacity.

The advantages of PELLENC

Helion Fast ConnectorFast Connector

On the HELION 2 COMPACT, the Fast Connector allows for rapid connection and disconnection of the tool to and from the battery when working, a key safety element that allows you to quickly get out of any risky or uncomfortable situation

Helion Rapid SharpeningRapid sharpening

On the HELION 2 COMPACT, the protector disassembles easily for rapid sharpening of the blades

Helion Head positionsWork in all trimming positions

Swivel head: On the pole models, the head is adjustable by +85°/-45° which means you can work in all trimming positions.

Swivel handle: The handle is adjustable by +/- 90° for vertical work without bending the handle.

Helion Anti Lock SystemAnti-locking system

A unique device reverses the motor’s direction of rotation if the blade gets caught in the vegetation. This enables it to be easily removed and prevents the blades from twisting or breaking.

Helion Optimised powerOptimised power and autonomy

The 4 speeds make it possible to adapt the speed to the type of vegetation. Good management of the selector also saves on battery use.

Helion Cutter BarRobust cutter bar

Composed of lightweight and robust materials: The stiffener is made of aluminium and the blade is in high carbon steel.

Helion Quick SwitchQuick Switch

All cutter bars are universal and easily interchangeable. The mounting and removal of the cutter bar takes less than a minute.

Pellenc Helion pole hedge trimmerPellenc Helion Pole hedge trimmer

Pellenc Helion Telescopic hedge trimmerHelion Telescopic hedge trimmer

Compact 2
with a 63 cm blade
3.5 kg
3.7 kg
4.3 kg
1200 W (1.63 hp)
Pole length
130 cm
150/200 cm
Cutting length
27/51/63/75 cm
Tooth spacing
40 mm
Cutting speed
3200 to 3800 cuts/mn
Pivoting handle
5 notches : +/- 90°
Cutting head angle


Pellenc Selion C21 HD ChainsawPellenc Selion C21-HD

PellencSelion Hand-Held Chainsaws

Pellenc Selion C21 HD Chainsaw

Tree pruning requires specialised knowledge and suitable equipment. Pellenc offers arborists a model that will meet their expectations in terms of weight, balance, manoeuvrability, and power. Equipped with numerous innovations, the new Selion C21 HD chainsaw has more torque and is the lightest on the market.

Please note that top handle chainsaws should only be made available to users holding an appropriate Certificate of Competence that should be produced before this product is supplied.

4 innovative safety mechanisms

  • Kick-back sensor with electronic start-up. It instantly triggers an electric chain brake in the event of a fall or kickback, and is 8 times more rapid than a petrol-operated chainsaw chain brake.
  • The low kickback Oregon chains. The rebound effect, if it occurs, will be much less violent than on a conventional chain saw.
  • Self-diagnostic system of the tool. The Selion verifies that the electronic kickback sensor is operational upon first use, if it is, the machine will operate!
  • Start-up trigger. Double press start-up prevents accidental operation of the saw.

Increased Efficiency

  • New magnesium casing.  The new shape of the casing ensures better chip evacuation, increased strength and optimal lightness. 
  • New, more powerful engine. PELLENC brushless motor with electronic switching. 
  • New grip. It allows for a more solid grip on branches and trunks

Simplified Chain Management

  •  Electronic control of oil flow rate. The system adjusts chain greasing according to the required cutting strength.
  • Automatic chain tension The chain guide is mounted on a spring that enables the chain to tighten automatically.
  • Integrated folding key This wrench retightens the chain and gives quick access to the pin and the chain

C21 HD Chainsaw detail

  • Specially designed for arborists, for use with the ultra-flat POLY 5 battery
  • Brushless PELLENC 2000 W motor (equivalent to 45 cm3)
  • New engine for more performance (increased torque)
  • New magnesium casing for better chip evacuation
  • New guide for constant and optimal chain tension
  • Battery life provides a full day of pruning work


  • Weighs only 2 kg.
  • A handle that enables a more solid grip on branches and trunks
  • Reinforced front hand guard

Environmentally Friendly

  • Noise-free operation
  • Zero emissions and zero waste

Cost Effective

  • At least € 7 of petrol saved per day
  • Time-saving
  • Low maintenance
  • Uses up to 30% less chain oil.

Chainsaw accessories available >>

Pellenc Selion M12 Chainsaw

Pellenc Selion M12Pellenc Selion M12
The Pellenc Selion M12 is the lightest handheld pruner on the market with exceptional cutting quality and ease of handling.

With an unrivalled power/weight ratio and a standard assembly of Oregon ¼" chain, specially designed for pruning, M12 cuts cleanly and with precision.

Extremely light, the Pellenc chain guide in steel and composite material allows these chainsaws to twist flexibly and prevent breakages in the case of accidental catching. The absence of a brake and speed reducer guarantees reliability and lightness. The handheld Selion range combines a direct drive with the chain gear, which increase their durability.

Pellenc chainsaws use Pellenc's patented technological innovations. An ingenious system allows the chain Pellenc Patent to be tightened without worrying about whether or not the optimum tension has been reached. This tension is adjusted using the integrated, patented retractable key Pellenc, which is extremely practical for re-tightening the chain whilst working.

Thanks to the electronic management of the oil flow, another Pellenc Patent, the consumption is a function of the consumed power. For your safety, an electronic safety sensor instantaneously actuates the electric chain brake in case of falling or kickback.

Compared to petrol chainsaws, you save almost 30% oil and extend the lifetime of the chain. As with all other PELLENC products, Selion uses the ultra high capacity technology of the ultra lithium battery and guarantees non-polluting, odorless operation and a record operating range.

Selion M12 chainsaw

  • Pellenc Brushless 1200 W motor (equivalent 30 cm³).
  • No gears and direct drive to the chain sprocket: benefits include better durability and reliability.
  • Pruner designed for fruit growers and vineyards.
  • At least a full day’s work from a single charge.


  • One of a kind with its unique design.
  • Ergonomic Soft Touch handle.
  • Only 1.7 kg to hold!

Environmentally Friendly

  • Noise-free operation.
  • Zero emissions and zero waste.

Cost Effective

  • At least £7 of petrol saved per day.
  • Time-saving.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Uses up to 30% less chain oil.

Chainsaw accessories available >>

PellencSelion Pole and Telescopic Chainsaw

Pellenc Selion pole chainsawPellenc Selion

The Selion range of fixed pole and telescopic chainsaws from Pellenc are powerful, easy to handle and simple to use.

The Selion P130 and Selion P180 fixed polesaws and Selion T150/200 and Selion T220/300 telescopic polesaws cut with precision. With a reach of up to 3 meters, work can be carried out without a carrying harness because of their lightness. Selion polesaws are ideal for use in noise sensitive areas. They are also powerful enough for forestry work.

With a power output equivalent to 30 cc (i.e. 1200 watts), the Selion Pole and Telescopic chainsaws cut accurately and cleanly thanks to the Oregon 1/4’’ chain fitted as standard and specially designed for accurate pruning.

Particularly light, equipped with a +90°/-45° angle-adjustable head, the Selion Pole and Telescopic chainsaws allow vertical and horizontal pruning and cutting at the base of the tree. At the same time, the Pellenc chain guide bar made from composite materials gives them torsional flexibility and prevents breakage in case of accidental jamming.

As for the Pellenc hand-held chainsaws, the Selion Pole and Telescopic chainsaws benefit from the Pellenc technological innovations. Automatic chain tensioning : a simple click from the spring when you fit the guide bar ensures that both guide bar and chain are correctly
tensioned. The chain can be removed and installed easily thanks to the retractable wrench integrated in the head of the tool, the only tool which is required for this operation. The retractable wrench is also used when the chain needs retensioning during pruning. Finally, thanks to the electronic oil flow control, oil consumption depends on the power consumed by the Selion : compared with gasoline chainsaws, you make about a 30% saving on oil.

Pellenc Selion chainsawPellenc Selion
Like all the other Pellenc products, Ultra Lithium Battery benefits from a very-high-capacity technology which guarantees use with no odour, no pollution and a revolutionary working capacity.

The advantages of PELLENC

AUTOMATIC CHAIN TENSIONING The Selion pole chainsaw is easy to use. The chain tension is adjusted automatically: a simple click from the spring when you fit the guide bar ensures that both guide bar and chain are correctly tensioned.

INTEGRATED RETRACTABLE WRENCH The removal and installation of the guide bar and chain is very simple. No additional tool is necessary because everything is done using the integrated retractable wrench (Pellenc patent).

OIL FLOW CONTROL The Selion pole chainsaw is economical with oil, in fact, combined with a peristaltic pump, the Selion pole chainsaw electronic oil flow control gives you an oil saving of approximately 30% compared with a gas chainsaw. The oil consumption depends on the power consumption of the motor.

Pellenc Selion pivoting head chainsawPIVOTING HEAD With +90°/-45° head angle adjustment, the tool can be adapted easily to the working environment.




selion Pole Chainsaw Technical

Selion pole P130 chainsawSelion P130

Selion pole P180 chainsawSelion P180

Selion telescopic T150/200 chainsawSelion T150/200

Selion telescopic T220/300 chainsawSelion T220/300


2.7 kg
2.8 kg
2.9 kg
3.4 kg
1200 W (1.63 hp)
1.30 m
1.80 m
1.50 to 2 m
2.20 to 3 m
PELLENC chain bar guide
10’’ – 25 cm
Oil flow control
Oil reservoir capacity
0.25 L

Pellenc Chainsaw Accessories

Biodegradable chain saw oil

Chainsaw OilThis refined vegetable oil is formulated for improved greasing of chainsaw chains whether manual or automatic. It is particularly stable to oxidation.

For use in "sensitive" areas such as forests, near water catchments areas, and lakes ...

A high performance grease
Meets the RAL UZ-48 standard
Virtually colourless and odourless product,
Contains a spinnbarkeit agent and biodegradable thickeners that significantly improves the adhesiveness thus reducing projections and consumption,

5 litre can
Ref.: 85920


Chainsaw Guide 12"12˝ Guide
30 cm Guide in composite material.
Sold as standard

ref. : 72884


Chainsaw Carving Guide12 ˝ Carving Guide bar
Guide bar shaped for pruning or woodcarving.

ref. : 80344


Oregon Chainsaw Chain¼" – 25AP – 70E OREGON chain
Anti-kickback chain.

ref. : 81794


Chainsaw sharpening kitSharpening Kit
Contents: round file, flat file and chain threader.

ref. : 68520

PellencPrunion Hand-Held Pruner

Pellenc Prunion battery powered prunerPRUNION

Powerful and light.

With a weight of less than 900 grams, the PRUNION pruner offers users unbeatable cutting power and work quality. Its grip fits any hand and its large cutting diameter makes it comfortable to prune with. The numerous innovations of this pruning shear make it indispensable for anyone who does pruning work. The 250 battery offers increased productivity by allowing two PELLENC tools to be connected simultaneously.

  • A compact pruner, that is handy and suitable for all hand sizes
  • The lightest tree pruner on the market, just 885g
  • Power and manoeuvrability for intensive pruning
  • Cutting diameter up to 45mm
  • Precise blade position management
  • Optical trigger for natural control of the half-opening
  • Zero emmisions
  • The least expensive professional pruner on the market
  • Adapts to your pruning habits thanks to different cutting modes
    • Performance mode: for maximum speed
    • Comfort mode: for a good speed/battery life ratio
    • All or nothing mode: for quick and repeated cuts
    • Progressive mode: for precision work

More details available in the Pellenc Product Brochure PDF document from Pellenc

PellencTreelion Pruning Shears

PELLENC offers you a range of pruning shears intended for tree pruning and parks and gardens.

Pellenc Treelion pruning shearsPellenc Treelion
The main characteristic of the Treelion pruning shears is that they can work either in progressive mode, for precise work, or in pulse mode (full or half open) for faster pruning. Treelion is equipped as standard with a PRADINES cutting head, which is a world-wide reference in terms of blade quality. Furthermore, with the dual trigger system, with a simple press, the blades can be opened from an intermediate position to the fully open position, to gain in speed and simplicity of use. This range of pruning shears is provided as standard with the 200 battery or with a kit for connection to another Ultra Lithium Battery. There are several versions of the Treelion : onehanded conventional type model and several two-handed models for working in dense vegetation. Like all the other Pellenc products, Ultra Lithium Battery benefits from a very-high-capacity technology which guarantees use with no odour, no pollution and a revolutionary working capacity.

Pellenc Treelion M45 pruning shears Treelion M45

Pellenc Treelion D45-700 pruning shearsTreelion D45-700

Pellenc Treelion D45-900 pruning shearsTreelion D45-900

945 g
1.6 kg
1.7 kg
21 cm
70 cm
90 cm
Cutting diameter
65 mm
Blade opening
65 mm
18 000 rpm
Nominal power
320 W

PellencExcelion Brushcutter/Strimmer

Clear brush and trim grass with an ultra-light tool: this is a job for the Pellenc Excelion.

Pellenc excelion Brushcutter

The Excelion brushcutter is a unique tool as it combines a brush and a grass cutter in one: the multifunction head developed by Pellenc can be fitted, without the use of tools, with the Pellenc wire cutter made from a very high resistance polyamide or a wide range of metal blades adapted to your work.

Two times lighter than some petrol brushcutters, The Excelion makes grass and brush cutting much easier in ditches, on slopes or steep inclines with its adjustable handle, flexible head and telescopic system.

You can adapt your tool to your body shape for optimized working comfort.

The 4-speed selector, exclusive to Pellenc, makes it easier to adapt to the vegetation: slow speeds are recommended for edges and urban areas for example. Silent, rapid and extremely lightweight, Excelion is the new brush cutter for professionals.

As with all other Pellenc products, Excelion uses the ultra high capacity technology of the ultra lithium battery and guarantees non-polluting, odourless operation with quick start-up and a record operating range.

Brush cutter
Grass trimmer
3.4 kg
3.3 kg
1200 W
1.2 m to 1.5 m
1 m to 1.5 m
Cutting diameter
25 cm
30 cm
Cutting tool
3-tooth blade
Nylon cutting line


** NEW **

PellencEXCELION 2000 Professional Brushcutter/Strimmer

Pellenc Excelion 2000 brush cutterDesigned for routine maintenance or intensive mowing, the EXCELION 2000 Professional will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users with a power output of 2,000W and cutting diameter of 320-340mm. This robust, powerful and lightweight brush cutter perfectly eliminates tall, dense grasses, woody weeds, brambles and shrubs.

Powered by a Pellenc ULiB 1100 battery, its quiet, non-polluting operation, with low vibration provides comfort for the user. Several cutting heads can be adapted to the Excelion 2000, offering different options for getting the job done.

An Eco mode is available on the brush cutter. It offers the double advantage of prolonged use of the machine as well as working at low speed to avoid projections, particularly in urban areas.

PELLENC cutting heads have been developed to make their use easier in terms of loading and adjusting the wire. The system was patented on the Multi Cut, Roll Cut, and Tap Cut heads. The user no longer needs to remove the head to adjust the length of the wire.  In addition, PELLENC heads can be equipped with several wire diameters.


This PELLENC designed magnesium angle transmission in magnesium is very light and durable, enabling perfect balancing of the machine. Specific work aimed at minimising the noise produced by the mechanism was carried out. In addition, the hardware is integrated preventing any possible loss of the fixing screws.

Pellenc Excelion 2000 angle gearbox



Pellenc City Head** NEW **

Pellenc City Cut Brushcutter Head: Total Weed Control

The new Pellenc City Cut cutting head, for use on the Excelion 2000 brushcutter, is particularly suited to the maintenance of urban spaces and weeding without pesticides or projections.

The new cutting head completes the range of cutting heads compatible with the Pellenc Excelion 2000. In fact, the counter-rotation technology, which is exclusive to Pellenc, avoids plant, gravel, stones, debris from projecting and causing damage to surrounding areas.

Pellen City Cut brushcutter head

Benefits of the new City Cut head

  • No dangerous projections when doing weeding working in urban settings
  • High productivity
  • Perfect finishing on curbs, around trees and along fences
  • Unique counter-rotation technology
  • High cutting capacity, equivalent to a cut with a 3 mm wire
  • Fewer consumables, easy blade maintenance


  • Quick change head
  • Steel bell resists abrasions on asphalt

Enviromental Friendly

  • Does not hurt the plants
  • No plastic wire waste
  • Meets the "Zero Phyto" charter for alternative weed removal in urban areas



PellencCultivion Wheel-Hoe

Pellenc Cultivion Wheel HoePellenc Cultivion
With Cultivion, hoeing, weeding, aerating the soil, planting, fertilizing, unrooting, cutting borders and mixing soil will only ever be a pleasure. Due to its lightweight design, stability and small dimensions, Cultivion is extremely easy to handle and can be used between solid objects with the greatest of ease. Cultivion is at ease working on all types of terrain: dry, stony, loose, etc. This tool is extremely rugged with an exceptional weight/power ratio.

The electric wheel hoe improves your working conditions as the tool weighs only 3.1 kg, which makes the tool the lightest of its kind. Cultivion is fitted with an adjustable front handle that you can adjust to suit your site.

Moreover, in continuous mode, you can work without pressing the trigger.

Available as standard with two work tools fitted with a toothed blade (working width of 16 cm or 22 cm), you can change blades easily thanks to the quick tool change system Pellenc Patent.

Pellenc Cultivion Wheel Hoe

In addition, there are 9 adjustable angle positions on the tool depending on the type of terrain. By offering different angles of the toothed blade, Cultivion allows you to work at depth as well as on the surface.

As with all other PELLENC products, Cultivion benefits from the ultra high capacity technology of the ultra lithium battery and guarantees non-polluting, odorless operation and a record operating range.

PellencAirion Hand-Held Blower

The quietest and most environmentally friendly hand-held electric blower in the World!

Pellenc Airion 2 handheld blowerPellenc Airion2

Pellenc has launched the lightest, quietest and most environmentally friendly hand-held electric blower for local towns, landscape architects and golfers.


Performance offering excellent comfort.

Protected against dust and moisture and 100% waterproof, AIRION 2 is designed to withstand the test of time. Perfectly balanced while being operated, AIRION 2 can be used for several hours without fatigue or tension in the wrist. Weighing only 2.550 kg and providing effective thrust of 17.5 N, AIRION 2 meets the needs of professionals in all weather conditions.

It is effective both in urban areas, near sensitive areas, in parks and gardens

  • 2.55kg with the actual weight of the cable
  • Effective unmatched thrust of 15.5N
  • Air flow of 920m3/h with the nozzle
  • Airion 2 handheld blowerLifetime guaranteed thanks to a waterproofing level of IP54 that protects it from dust and rain, as well as a robust, magnesium alloy turbine body
  • Perfectly balanced during operation, regardless of speed
  • Only 79 dB
  • Zero emissions and zero waste
  • More durability means more profitability
  • Unmatched battery life for increased productivity
  • Low maintenance
  • Carry strap hooks
  • Progressive trigger control
  • LED indicators

Pellenc Airion 2 speed controllerThe AIRION 2 speed controller makes it possible to manage the blowing power based on the surface to be cleared. The boost function delivers maximum air flow and is available at each speed by simply keeping the button pressed. The owing power of the AIRION 2 is enough to blow heavy objects such as large masses of water loaded leaves that are stuck to the ground.


More details available in the Pellenc Product Brochure PDF document from Pellenc


More details available in the Pellenc Product Brochure PDF document from Pellenc

PellencCleanion Sweeper

Pellenc Cleanion sweeperCLEANION

Sweep any surface in any season.

Regardless of the season or the surface, the CLEANION professional sweeper has a wide range of uses. Multi-functional, it is ideal for sweeping paths or walkways, in parks and gardens, school yards, gymnasiums, sports fields, artificial turf, car parks or industrial sites. CLEANION can also be used for snow removal in winter, thereby preventing the formation of ice. Use the forward speed and brush rotation settings to make the sweeper go anywhere in town – it easily rides over pavements thanks to its motorised wheels.

  • 1,400W of power
  • Up to 3h 30m for cleaning a surface area of 4,600 m2
  • 100cm working width
  • Pellenc Cleanion SweeperReversible brush rotation
  • Waterproof level of IP54
  • Brush pressure indicator
  • Less than 100kg
  • 4 rotation speeds
  • LCD control for all functions
  • Zero turn ability thanks to motorised wheels and directional joystick
  • Motorised reverse
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Silent operation with no CO2 emissions
  • Low maintenance

More details available in the Pellenc Product Brochure PDF document from Pellenc

PellencFixion Tying machine

The most cost-effective tying machine in the World!

Fixion is Pellenc’s new tying machine, specially designed to take the new flexible tie. It works in the same way as its predecessor and attaches all ties in the Pellenc range. There are various types of tie suited to the various tying systems: Standard, Flexible, Stainless Steel, Bio and Paper.

Pellenc Fixion Tying Machine BatteryPellenc Fixion Tying Machine Battery
Pellenc Fixion Tying MachinePellenc Fixion

The Fixion tying machine can perform 30 ties per minute: up to 12,000 ties per day with a time saving of 40% when compared with manual tying.








Pellenc Ex Demonstration Machinery – 12 Month warranty on all Units.

As a way of introducing Pellenc equipment to our clients we regularly demonstrate this equipment and from time to time update our fleet. This gives us an opportunity to release low houred minimal use machines into the industry at substantially reduced rates and with a 12 month warranty.
Please contact our sales team to see what we have available and how we could introduce you to Pellenc at a level to suit.  01844 299037   -

Also see our RTM used machinery section

Etesia Products

Bio breakthrough for Etesia

ETESIA is an ecologically-responsible company

Etesia is taking a major environmental step forward in grass cutting history with the launch of ride-on rotaries that can run on low emission B30-diesel. As an eco-friendly company Etesia takes its responsibilities seriously, so with the choice of cleaner fuels now available, they have strong reasons to look at alternatives in order to help national and international efforts to reduce climate change.

Etesia bio concept

Whilst other manufacturers in the garden machinery industry have gone down the route of using B20-diesel, Etesia has opted for the B30-diesel mix because it contains the far higher ratio of 30% renewable Bio fuel (produced from transesterified oil of crops such as oilseed rape, sunflowers and soybeans) to 70% diesel. Therefore, because B30-diesel contains 50% more plant generated Bio fuel than B20-diesel, it offers a greater reduction in emissions, especially when compared with mineral diesel. It is also highly biodegradable in the event of spillage.
To achieve this progress, Etesia’s Research & Development team has been working closely with engine manufacturer, Lombardini. The result is that every one of the company’s Lombardini-powered ride-ons in the Hydro rotary ranges can now simply switch between conventional diesel and B30-diesel, according to fuel availability or operator choice. The two fuels are interchangeable – no modifications are required and there is no need to clean either the tank or the engine.

Through Lombardini’s co-operation with Etesia during the research and trials, they are now believed to be the only manufacturer with the confidence to offer full warranty on their engines when run on either B30-diesel or standard diesel.

To complete the eco-friendly picture, all Etesia Hydro ride-ons can now be factory supplied with bio-degradable engine oil, greases and hydraulic fluids. This means that in the event of spillage or at the time of disposal, our planet is not harmed.

Etesia professional EC Compliant Hydro ride-on rotaries are built for high output; superb performance; long life and minimum downtime. When used with B30-diesel there is no loss of power and their high performance is not affected. This new low emission fuel option puts Etesia ahead of the field in this industry with an initiative designed to reduce the carbon footprint made by their products.

We are pleased to announce that with Etesia you can have Bio-compatibility today

All of the H144, H124D and H100D models are already usable with B30 biodiesel B30 with no change to the engine and with all of the manufacturer’s guarantees intact.

From the end of 2007, all of the Etesia diesel models, namely the H144, H124D and H100D, can be ordered in the 100% bio version. These ETESIA “bio” ride-on mowers will then be using biodegradable oil (for both engine and transmission), as well as biodegradable greases and will operate with B30biodiesel. On the other hand, oil changes must be performed every 125 hours. Nevertheless, the performance of the hydro 144M, 124D and 100D will remain unchanged.

The price for the “biofuel” option is just an extra £316 (excl. VAT) on the machines list price, list price at 01/09/07. This option is possible only on the ETESIA assembly line and machines must be ordered as Bio Units.

Etesia Products

Click here for our Etesia products page.

** NEW **

Bahia M2E - World's First Electrical Ride-On Mower with Grass Collection

With 100% electric driving & cutting transmission an 80cm cutting width and 240litre grassbox the new Bahia M2E provides 2 hours (or 2,500m2) of lawnmowing with zero emissions from it's 4 lead acid batteries (48v, 115Ah).

The batteries have a 6 hour recharge time via 16amp 200v socket & charger with an optional solar panel charger under test. There is also a built-in converter & socket to power a 230v hedge cutter or strimmer.

Etesia Electric Ride On Mower - Bahia M2EEtesia Bahia M2E


  • Zero emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide.
  • Zero discharge of hydrocarbons, smoke & particles


  • Very low noise levels whilst driving & mowing


  • Costs less than £0.44 per hour
  • Reduced running costs: no belts, no filters and no engine oil.


  • Cutting and collecting equivalent to the petrol version
  • Same driving comfort
  • As compact as the petrol version
  • Minimal guaranteed lawnmowing output 2,500m2 or 2 hours of mowing (+1hr30m with battery trailer)

Etesia Products

Click here for our Etesia products page.

CSR initiatives at RTM

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives carried out by RTM are focused on four areas of activity: Our Community, The Environment, Our Marketplace and The Workplace.   Simple initiatives have been put in place to bring these areas to the attention of our staff, our suppliers and our customers.

Our community
Wherever we do business, our priority is to make a positive contribution to the communities that we serve. Being a good neighbour is also important to us and we encourage our employees to share their expertise to help people whenever possible.

Our environment
As a business we aim to progressively improve our environmental credentials and to minimise our impact on the environment with improved carbon management.  At RTM we are determined to be a leader in our field and an example to others in addressing the threat of climate change.   We believe it makes sense to pay attention to the environmental impact of our business practises, and through simple product and operational considerations we can make a difference.

Our marketplace
Wherever we work, whatever we market and how ever we serve our values underpin our mission to make RTM a leader in the UK Turf and Groundcare market.  From homeowner products to large tractors and public open space mowing systems we are responsible for bringing these values to life for our customers and partners, every day, wherever we operate.  Pivotal to the ongoing success of our company is the trust in which RTM is held by our customers and suppliers alike. We aim to reflect integrity and best value in everything we do.

Our workplace
For a business that is all about providing solutions and good value, it is second nature to make the health and wellbeing of our own employees a very high priority. It is one of the main reasons why so many of our staff are proud to work for R T M and eager to play their part in building a sustainable business. We continue to train and develop our people at all levels so they are equipped to meet the challenges of our industry.

Sustainable Development at RTM

Sustainable development is considered a worthy goal for RTM and small businesses everywhere. As members of our various communities, we know that society, the environment, and the economy are interconnected. It makes sense to pay attention to the environmental impact of our economic practices, and try to ensure that our communities are healthy, pleasant places to live.

Paying attention to sustainable development is especially sensible when so many of our potential customers and clients are actively seeking greener products and services. Making environmentally conscious decisions about our business operations will create opportunity and we hope be good for continued development and profitability.

Operating a green business is not only good for the environment but good for our business's retained profit because conserving resources and cutting down on waste saves money.

Making simple changes and thinking about our responsibility means we can run an environmentally friendly business.

Recycling is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of being environmentally friendly. And recycling is important. But recycling is only one part of the environmentally friendly business equation. We can also take a large step towards being more environmentally friendly by reducing the amounts of waste in our offices and business operations.

1. Turn off equipment when it's not being used. This can reduce the energy used by 25 percent; turning off the computers at the end of the day can save an additional 50 percent.

2. Encourage communications by email, and read email messages onscreen to determine whether it's necessary to print them. If it's not, don't!

3. Reduce fax-related paper waste by using a fax-modem and by using a fax cover sheet only when necessary.  Fax-modems allow documents to be sent directly from a computer, without requiring a printed hard copy.

4. Produce double-sided documents whenever possible.

5. Do not leave taps dripping; always close them tightly after use.

6. Install displacement blocks in toilet reservoirs. Placing a container filled with stones in the toilet's cistern will displace about 3 litres of water per flush - a huge reduction of water use over the course of a year.

7. Find a supply of paper with maximum available recycled content for internal office use.

8. Review Suppliers Environmental policies and credentials.  Encourage suppliers to take back packaging for reuse / recycle.

9. Instigate an ongoing search for "greener" products and services in the local community. Reduce the travel of our suppliers and service providers where possible.

10. Review purchasing new equipment and disposing of old – can furniture or tools be refurbished. It could be less expensive than buying new and better for the environment.


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