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A fantastic range of specialist equipment for Turf care.

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TT Sarel Spiker (Tractor & Truckster)

TT Sarel Spiker

Code Description
Price (Ex VAT)
TT1010 Red Cat 1 Mounting Headstock


TT2050 TT Sarel Spiker Unit - 2m Mounted


TT2055  Spare Spike (includes Nylock Nut)


TT Dragbush and Dragmat, with mounting Headstock

TT Dragbrush TT Dragmat

Code Description
Price (Ex VAT)
TT1010 TT Mounting Headstock (the red part)


Sarel Spiking Rollers

Sarel Spiking Brushes


Three sizes of Aerator are available, 300mm (12"), 600mm (24") and 900mm (36") widths, enabling a choice to be made to suit particular requirements. Aids water / air penetration, stimulates root growth, and for use when seeding.

Each Spiking Roller section is 275mm (11") in diameter, calculated to avoid 'tearing' of the turf. Each is fitted with 63 Tensile Steel Spikes 6mm (1/4") in diameter, protruding 45mm for optimum surface aeration. Coupled to each unit is a 115mm (4 1/2") diameter roller for transportation across hard surfaces and for surface rolling. (each tine is replaceable, held on with a nylock nut).
Sarels may be pushed or pulled, depending upon ground conditions, and depth of penetration required.

300mm (12") Wide unit
This portable tool is the ideal for smaller lawns, smaller areas of turf and where access is narrow. A comfortable and easy tool to use.
Code Weight Spikes
Price (Ex VAT)
10030 30kgs (64lbs) 63 478.80

600mm (24") Wide unit
For use on Golf Greens, Bowling Greens, Tennis Courts, Croquet Lawns, Larger Gardens etc. Fits through most doorways.
Code Weight Spikes
Price (Ex VAT)
10060 54kgs (120lbs) 126 598.80

900mm (36") Wide unit
For speedy aeration of larger Greens, Bowls, Cricket Squares, Tennis Courts etc.
Code Weight Spikes
Price (Ex VAT)
10090 80kgs (180lbs) 189 699.00

Spare Spike (includes Nylock nut)
Order code: 89010
Price (Ex VAT): 2.94

Towing Bracket & Eye
Retrofits all models. Simply bolted on. Eye rotates allowing for movement etc.
Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
10010 3.5kgs 94.80


Towing Bracket & Eye

Dragbrushes and Dragmats

Dragbrush Dragbrushes
Heavy duty steel framework encloses stiff nylon bristle heads, which are replaceable.
For use with top dressings, dew and wormcast removal, grass grooming, ground clearance etc.
Brush widths are approximate and fully adjustable.
Code Width Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
22040 4ft (1.22m) 4.30kgs 150.00
22050 5ft (1.52m) 5.75kgs> 162.00
22060 6ft (1.83m) 7.15kgs 186.00
22070 7ft (2.13m) 8.50kgs 198.00
22010 Spare brush section
14" (35cm)
0.75kgs 27.60

The only Dragmats constructed from stainless steel.

For use with top dressings, overseeding, grass lifting prior to cutting etc. Supplied complete with Chain Bridle, Handle, and connection Draw Bar. Rolls up for storage.

Length of Dragmat is approximately 4 ft (1.2m). 

Code Width Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
21060 6ft (1.83m) 19.30kgs 330.00


Harvester MK II Dropspreader

Key Features:

  • Immediate on / off control means the material can be applied accurately.
  • Seperate Infinate shutter control mechanism (between 0 and 20mm)
  • Huge balanced hopper holds approx 300 litres of material speeding up work by reducing fill time.
  • Dog clutch allows agitator to be disengaged for easy movement when full.
  • Stainless steel hopper.
  • Pneumatic wheels on quality bearings.
  • High quality British engineering.
Harvester MK II Dropspreader

The ultimate top dressing machine, ideal for spreading loam, lawn dressing, greens dressing, kiln dried sands, fertilisers, rubber crumb, salt and much more.*

Easily controlled handle trigger gives you immediate starting action with a quick shut off when released. The range of settings (0-20mm) allows the operator to achieve accurate controlled spreading.

The hopper is constructed from stainless steel. The rotary agitator is easily switched on or off without material resistance.

*Please note, like all dropspreaders this machine does not function well with wet material.

Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
35300 25kgs 875.00

Spyker Spreaders

Spyker Spreaders since 1868

High quality products giving precise application and long life with ease of use.

Spyker P20-5010 SpreaderP20-5010 20 series

Spyker 50lb Push spreader

10” x 4” wheels

Aluminium Gears

Powder coated frame for long life


Spyker P20-9010 SpreaderP20-9010 20 series

Spyker 40lb Push spreader

Powder coated frame for long life

Aluminium Gears

Stainless steel hopper

10” x 4” wheels


Spyker P40-5020 SpreaderP40-5020 40 series

Spyker 50lb push spreader

Metal Gears (lifetime warranty)

13” x 5” wheels

Accu-Way System

Powder coated frame


Spyker S40-5020 SpreaderS40-5020 40 series

Spyker 50lb push spreader

Metal Gears (lifetime warranty)

13” x 5” wheels

Accu-Way System

Stainless steel frame



Team Sprayers

RTM are pleased to offer the groundsman, greenkeeper or discerning gardener a very versatile and quality product range from Team Sprayers.  Manufactured and distributed from their factory in Cambridgeshire the company offers a sensibly priced product meeting the professional users demands for precision, reliability and product support. With a comprehensive range and the will to manufacture special builds for individual requirements we have a sprayer system for all operations.

Team Cub

Team Cub Pedestrian Sprayer

The Team Cub pedestrian sprayer has been designed for the Green keeper/Grounds man who requires a simple, efficient and reliable pedestrian sprayer. Supplied as standard with an adjustable pressure control system ensuring constant, accurate liquid application and 2 pneumatic wheels.

Standard Fittings

  • 30Ltr tank capacity
  • 12V diaphragm pump
  • Adjustable pressure control system with gauge
  • Height adjustable 2Mtr 4-nozzle folding boom
  • Suction filter
  • 12V quick charge battery & charger
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • Single nozzle bodies

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Team Scout

Team Scout Pedestrian Sprayer

The Team Scout has been designed for the Green keeper/Grounds man who requires a simple, efficient and reliable pedestrian sprayer. Supplied as standard with an adjustable pressure control system ensuring constant, accurate liquid application and 2 pneumatic wheels with the option of adding a 3rd ‘jockey type’ wheel to increase manoeuvrability (see picture).

Standard Fittings

  • 60Ltr tank capacity
  • 12V diaphragm pump
  • Adjustable pressure control system with gauge
  • Height adjustable 2Mtr 4-nozzle folding boom
  • Handle mounted pump on/off
  • Suction filter
  • 12V quick charge battery & charger
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • Single nozzle bodies

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Team Vixen

Team Cub Pedestrian Sprayer

The Team Vixen self-propelled sprayer has been designed for the greenkeeper or groundsman who requires efficient, reliable low-ground pressure application. It features a robust and simple design with the option to spray in either forward or reverse direction.

The smooth action 24V powered axle is highly responsive with fully adjustable forward and reverse speeds. Constant speed settings ensure accurate spray application.

Low ground pressure tyres are fitted as standard while an efficient axle differential eliminates the chance of turf scuffing.The motor is powerful enough to take slopes in its stride making Vixen highly manoeuvrable in all situations.

The handle mounted controls are clear and simple to use.Vixen is equally effective in forward or reverse mode, ideal for areas of limited access. Spring loaded ‘break-back’ booms protect again accidental damage.

120 litre polythene tank means less frequent refilling and, of course, no more sore shoulders from carrying a knapsack sprayer!

The standard 3m welded steel section boom offers the flexibility of 3,2 or 1m spray widths.The triple nozzle assemblies are colour coded and fitted with anti-drip check valves.

The 14 LPM, 24V diaphragm pump has an adjustable pressure system and gauge.

Quick charge battery system, handle mounted battery level indicator and pump flow valve for agitation or spray are all fitted as standard.

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Team Club

Team Cub Pedestrian Sprayer

Standard Fittings

  • 300L tank
  • 6M manual fold boom
  • PTO driven diaphragm pump (73Lpm)
  • Manual 3-section spray controls
  • Chemical inductor
  • Clean water tank rinse
  • Clean water hand wash
  • Clothes locker
  • CAT 1 3-point linkage

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RTM RTM Slitters / Aerators

Eco Slit: Tractor mounted slitter
RTM Eco Slit
Turf Aerator Range

RTM Eco Slit slitter

THE RTM Eco Slitters are a cost effective way of aerating sports pitches and pasture, available in two working widths 1.4m and 1.7m the heavy duty construction and deep slitting tines provide excellent aeration, surface drainage and assist in establishment of strong root structure and bacterial activity through the ability to regularly aerate. 

A rear roller kit is available as an accessory for turf hold down and surface stripping.

Also available is a hydraulic transportable model for road transport use - working width of 2.5m - with tow bar and twin wheeled axle for narrow width site to site tractor towing.

Spike: Mounted multi-tine aerator

RTM Spike Aerator

A three-point linkage tractor mounted aerator of 1.8m (6ft) working width. It has three independant heads, and can be fitted with solid, hollow or chisel tines for sports turf use.

The 1830mm (72") working width is designed to cover the wheel width of most modern tractors, to prevent tramlining.

The unit is split into three independantly mounted drums, each on it's own bearing.

Tines offered: 12mm solid or hollow and chisel.

The tines are mounted 75mm apart and the maximum depth of penetration is 90mm.

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Sisis Sisis hand Items

Sisis Truline Line MarkerUnique, continuous belt system ensures positive adhesion to the surface and a continuous supply of marking liquid.

  • Unique continuous belt system.
  • 3 widths of belt available for different sports.
  • Belts are interchanged very quickly without tools.
  • Line of the belt gives a positive guide for steering.
  • Curves can be marked with ease.
  • Applies most types of marking liquid.
  • Most areas can be marked in one pass.
  • Wide pneumatic tyres improve performance in adverse conditions.
  • Dismantled in seconds for easy and thorough cleaning.
  • Supplied with 100mm belt.

Sisis Trulevel bowling green rollerBowling Green Roller.

  • Over-riding action on slight hollows allows level areas to be firmly rolled,
    whilst low areas are left, so that the playing surface is progressively
  • Outer rollers can be raised concentrating the whole weight on the centre
    cylinder if desired.
  • Additional weights can be added if required, to increase weight to approx.
    150kg (328lbs).
  • Runs without effort on self-lubricating bearings.
  • Can be pushed or pulled with ease.

Sisis towed dragmatTowed Dragmat.

  • Working width of 270cm (9ft).

Drag Mat
Sisis drag matUseful hand tool on small areas for rubbing in dressings, routine surface
renovation on hard porous pitches, etc.

  • Equally effective on natural and synthetic turf, and hard porous areas.
  • Can also be drawn behind a tractor, or in conjunction with a top-dresser.

Bray Hand Tools
Bray Hand toolsIdeal for overseeding and aerating small areas on bowling greens, tennis
courts, golf greens, tees and ornamental lawns.

  • Interchangeable heads between slotter and spiker.
  • 50% saving of grass seed when overseeding using slotter.
  • Rapid germination and stronger growth.
  • No loss of play and no top dressing required.
  • Simple to store and maintain.
  • Working width 250mm (10”).

Aerdrain Fork
Sisis aerdrain forkA simple but effective tool for year round use.

4 kinds of tine available :

  • 127mm long solid tines
  • 127mm long hollow tines
  • 228mm long drainage tines D4467

Sisis TruluteReversible levelling grid for many uses on turf surfaces.

The two sides of the TRULUTE have completely different profiles:
  • one side has smooth edges for spreading top dressings and levelling.
  • one side has sharp edges for working-in top dressings, cutting back high spots etc.

Sisis CombirakeSimple to use, dual purpose implement for use on small fine turf areas.

  • Dual purpose.
  • Downward pressure is applied by gentle pressure on the handles.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Rake wires and brush can be replaced when worn.
  • Rake and brush can be lifted clear of the ground for transport.

Drag Brush
Sisis Drag Brush

1.8m heavy duty drag brush for use on sand filled synthetics and hard porous surfaces, and for brushing in top dressing.

Sisis Autospred top dresserIndependently Powered Top Dresser.

  • Infinitely variable spreading rates.
  • Oscillating base plate to reduce bridging.
  • Rotating brush at point of discharge to ensure even spread.
  • Slick tyres to avoid marking on fine turf.
  • OPC controls for safe, easy handling.
  • Hydrostatic drive for manoeuvrability.
  • Compact size for areas with restricted access, and for convenient. storage.
  • Independently powered – no tractor required.

Sisis Truspred top dresserHand Operated Spreader and Top Dresser.

  • Simple to set spreading rates.
  • Ribbed rubber conveyor belt for accurate placement.
  • Marker to avoid gaps or overlapping.
  • Carrier wheels permit spread right to the edge of bowling greens.
  • Rubber tyres to minimise marking.

 For further Sisis products visit our dedicated Sisis page.

Sisis  Sisis Turf Maintenance 2013 catalogue

Sisis pdf Sisis Synthetic Turf Maintenance 2013 catalogue


RTM Eco Spread Top Dresser / Sand Spreader RTM

One tractor, one machine , one application – Economical Dressing from the RTM Eco Spread.

RTm Eco SpreadPart of the RTM range of turfcare products manufactured by RTM to allow one machine to be used for loading and spreading sand or top dressing – The Eco Spread self-loads saving time as well as being more efficient than having to use two tractors and a loader system or loading by hand.  The height to which the spreader is lowered to for loading can be adjusted easily to collect your material from a full pile to scraping the bottom. loading is done by lowering the spreader hydraulically and reversing into your material and at the same time raising the spreader with the hydraulics to obtain maximum efficiency. 

The turf saver wheels power the agitator allowing for an even distributed application of material to the surface.

The level of material to spread can be adjusted easily to your requirements.

This simple design and dispensing mechanism means less manual work and down time leaving more time spreading the vital material at those crucial perfect weather times.

Poweroll Club wicket roller POWEROLL Club is the most recent addition to the range. Designed to offer clubs the opportunity of owning a brand new wicket roller, but at a second hand roller price. So how do we do it? Simple! This is a no frills grass roller and we expect to produce many. High quality components are used throughout, many also used on the Poweroll 12, but there are fewer of them on this model thereby helping to reduce costs. Only 84 long and 42 wide, this roller is compact enough to fit into smaller sheds than most other heavy ride-on rollers. Despite its diminutive size however, remains within the I.O.G. guidelines for the ground pressure it displaces. Driver comfort remains a high priority so it uses the same luxury padded seat as all other Poweroll rollers and steering control from the Poweroll 12. A worm steering box is utilized so the steering control always feels positive (not vague like rollers with open gear wheels).
Other shared components with the Poweroll 12 including the rollers, front bogie assembly and bearings. Maximum weight is achieved by filling water ballast tanks built into the chassis and rollers. This roller is capable of producing a superb wicket; good enough for any standard of play. An ideal machine for rolling wickets or tennis courts. Tandem rollers are most welcome in part exchange against this brand new machine. A P.V.C. cover and scraper bars are available. Poweroll Club wicket roller
Poweroll 12 ground roller The POWEROLL 12 is suitable for all grounds rolling applications. As with all Poweroll rollers this machine has been designed with driver comfort in mind and is a real pleasure to drive. Used on sports grounds for play at all levels and abilities. A popular machine with cricket clubs, schools, colleges, lawn and clay tennis clubs, local authorities, plant hire Companies and Contractors. Useful also for anyone requiring their roller to be moved from site to site as without ballast when placed on a suitable trailer enables the machine to be transported with-in the 3.5 ton weight limit. The engine choices are either a Honda petrol or Kubota water-cooled diesel. Water ballast may be used in the front and rear rollers and water tanks situated above both rollers.
A useful full width locker box under the drivers feet can be converted to provide another water ballast tank if chosen at the time of purchase. The front roller is split to minimize ground damage when changing direction. When fully ballasted, this machine will produce ground pressure well in excess of the current I.O.G. recommendation for a heavy roller. The model 12 is the most popular in the Poweroll range; has many fleet operators and is used for all grass rolling applications. Poweroll 12 ground roller

Groundsman Aerators

A range of pedestrian and tractor mounted Aerators for Hollow and Solid Tine aeration. Championed by Bowls and Cricket Clubs the Groundsman Pedestrian aerator range offers the choice of four units.

Models 345MD / 345HD

GROUNDSMAN 345 Models are sealed bearing crank driven plunge action machines available in HD (heavy duty) and MD (medium duty) They are front wheel drive and have 3 tining arms and an operating width of 45cm (18 inches) They are fitted with a Honda 6.5hp petrol engine and 500x4 pneumatic tyres.

Groundsman 345 Aerator
Model 460HD

The GROUNDSMAN 460HD is a wider version of the 345 range. It has 4 tining arms and an operating width of 60 cm (24 inches) They are fitted with a Honda 8hp petrol engine and 650x6 pneumatic tyres. It is only available as a heavy duty version.

Groundsman 460 HD Aerator
Model 460SDR

The GROUNDSMAN 460 SDR is the top of the range pedestrian aerator. It has the same 4 arm heavy duty aeration mechanism as the 460HD but with two aeration speeds, rapid transport and power steering. Engine and tyres are the same size as the 460HD.

Groundsman 460SDR Aerator
Model 8120CTM

The GROUNDSMAN model 8120CTM is an 8 arm 120cm (48") swath compact tractor mounting machine. Minimum tractor requirement of 18 to 20 HP Its modular design uses two 4 arm heavy duty aeration units. This machine has been designed to accept the unique GROUNDSMAN Flexblade Core Collector attachment which enables you to Core and Collect in one pass.

Groundsman 8120CTM Aerator
Model 12180TM

The GROUNDSMAN model 12180TM is a 12 arm 180cm (60”) tractor mounting machine. Minimum tractor requirement is 28 to 30 HP. As with the 8120, it is modular using four 3 arm heavy duty tining units. This machine can also be used to core and collect in one pass with the Flexblade collector attachment.

*All Groundsman pedestrian and tractor mounting aerators use quick change holders for a wide range of tines and patterns. See the GROUNDSMAN Tine and holder catalogue.

Groundsman 12180TM aerator

Groundsman Turf Cutters

Turf Multi Cutter TCHYD

The Groundsman TCHYD Turf Multi Cutter is a powerful multi purpose turf cutter developed primarily to power the wedge displacement trenching blades. The picture (right) shows the machine fitted with the Reel Insertion Attachment (TCPRIA) to insert irrigation pipe to a depth of up to 15cm in a one pass operation. Its compact size and narrow wheel base make it ideal for landscape projects which are unsuitable for larger equipment. This high traction workhorse is fitted with a 9HP engine and has a hydrostatic ground drive giving variable speed forward and reverse rapid transport. The cutter blade is engaged independently by a disc clutch. This machine lends itself to a host of operations and blade configurations to perform many operations including trenching as well as the regular turf cutting functions. The trenching function requires a very high traction to weight ratio. This has been achieved by incorporating a hydrostatic drive which allows the operator much more control to feed the power to all four wheels without slip or spin. Wheel weights can be attached to the front axle to increase grip without affecting the operator's ability to maneuver the machine. A differential has been incorporated for easy turning.

Groundsman TCHYD Turf Cutter
TCCO Guillotine Chop-off Attachment

The TCCO Guillotine Chop-off Attachment is available for the TMC2 and TCDRB turf multi cutters.

This power-driven attachment chops the cut turf (sod) to precision pre-set lengths for easy handling and re-turfing work.

Groundsman TCCO Guillotine Chop off Attachment

Turf multi Cutter TCDRB

The Groundsman TCDRB is a four wheel drive precision turf cutter with exceptional traction and operator comfort. The machine has been designed for precision cutting of turf for relaying. Blades are available for cutting 12, 14, 16 and 18 inch wide sod and a guillotine attachment is available. The rear mounting blade position gives easy access and visibility for cut alignment and the cross-blade is positioned directly under the rear wheels for consistent depth of cut in rolling terrain without lots of ground clearance. Center mounting mole drain and soil de-compactor and trench cutting blades to 12cm (5") working depth give the TCDRB even more versatility.

Groundsman TCDRB Turf Cutter

Model TMC2

The TMC2 Turf Cutter has been specifically developed for general purpose sod-cutting and is particularly aimed at the hire and landscaping trades. The machine uses an oil filled gearbox ground-drive and the same synchro belt crank drive and blade mechanism as the extremely successful TCDRB machine. It incorporates a host of features such as independent blade and ground-drive clutches for safe loading and transport plus quick-set hand-lever controls for all settings including the depth.





The machine is smooth in operation, balanced and ground-drive traction is exceptional due to the central axle and blade position. Visibility is good for cut alignment and blades are available for 12, 14, 16" and 18" wide cuts.

Groundsman TMC2 Turf Cutter


Sod cutting blades are available for all models in 30cm (12”) 35cm (14”) 40cm (16”) and 45cm (18”) wide cut. The TCDRB uses four widths of rear wheels (blade wheels) to suit the blade width. This system gives the machine maximum traction and stability for the blade selection. The TCDRB can also accept centre mounting trench, mole-drain and de-compactor blades for a working depth up to 13cm (5”) are available plus a guillotine chop-off attachment for the TCDRB machine. The TMC2 can accept the full range of sod blades plus central mounting trench, mole drain and de-compactor blades to a maximum working depth of 8cm.

Turf Cutter accessories

Linesman Sports Pitch Markers

Linesman Linesman line marker
Linesman Line Marker
- Traditional type Football and Rugby Marker - 2" or 3" Marker Wheels - 3 Gallon Tank, solid or pnuematic wheels excellent value from 325.00 + vat.
Linesman Prince line marker
Prince Line Marker
- Choice of 1 1/2" to 4" Marker wheels, 3 gallon tank, solid or pneumatic wheels - from 350.00 + vat
Linesman Dimple line marker
Dimple Line Marker
- Heavy Duty Traditional type general line marker - Football, Rugby, General sport - 2" or 3" solid or pneumatic wheels - from 425.00 + vat

Seed Slotters

Seed Slotter in actionUsed for overseeding worn areas etc on all fine turf areas. The rotary unit will not tear up the surface and correct depth is obtained by the rotary stops at each end of the slotter reel. The static units can also double as 'tampers', with their heads removed. The spiker units are also used for aeration.

By providing a flat bottomed slot at the correct optimum depth of 1/2" (13mm approx), the seed 'turns' during the rapid germination period of less than 7 days. Moisture in the soil is more easily absorbed by the seed, encouraging stronger root growth, within a protected environment.

Much of the seed employing the traditional surface application is simply wasted. Birds, washing, lack of moisture and low spots account for huge failures in germination.

Seed SlottersSeed Slotter

Rotary Hand Seed Slotter
Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
35010 5.7kgs 222.00

Rotary Hand Spiker

Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
35020 5.6kgs 225.60

Static Spiker (25 Spikes)

Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
35040 3.4kgs 114.00
89010 Spare spike + Nylock Nut 2.94

Static Seed Slotter

Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
35030 3.45kgs 114.00


Turf Doctors

Hexagon Turf Doctor Hexagon Turf Doctor
Hexagon Turf Doctor
This tool cuts hexagonal shaped pieces of turf 7" (18cm) across, to a depth of 3-4" (8-10cm). By using bodyweight either standing or jumping on the tool no other equipment is required.

A very quick and effective way of turf removal, as several of the cut segments will stack in the tools 'magazine' allowing for continuous operation and transportation from one area to another. Replaced segments create an attractive honeycomb effect. Recovery is quick and effective. The bottom of cut segments can be 'scalped' to ensure squareness when replacing.

Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
15200 5.3kgs 222.00
Turf Doctor 9" (23cm)

Turf Doctor 9" (23cm)
Removes 9" (23cm) pyramid shape squares of turf sod.
Repaired areas can be played on straight away, because of the deep extraction taken.
Each sod is cut exactly square and fits quickly and neatly into every exchange hole. A complete repair can be made with no gaps left between sods.
The true surface level is maintained.
The playing surface remains firm and stable as each sod is held firmly in place by wedges of undisturbed soil. There is minimal root loss and recovery is very quick.

Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
15090 9.1kgs 234.00
Spare 9" Blade
15095 4.7kgs 54.00

Turf from Turf Doctor 9" (23cm)

Levelawns & Lutes 

Levelawn BMS manufacture a full range of Levelawns (or Lutes) for use on fine turf areas. The smaller being ideal for general grading and leveling work, whilst the larger are used to remove even the slightest undulations when used correctly.

All models are supplied complete with a handle ready to use.

28" Flip Over and 36" (92cm) Levelawn 'Greenkeeper B'
28" Flip Over
A high quality general purpose lute, designed for tough all purpose work. Constructed from heavy gauge steel angle with a 'flip-over' design allowing for the initial spreading of material. It is then easily rotated onto its sharper face for rubbing dressings etc into the turf suitable for use on most fine turf areas, and preparation sites.
Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
30280 6.30kgs 138.00
36" (92cm) Levelawn 'Greenkeeper B'
The lightweight but strong design of the greenkeeper lutes makes them ideal for spreading screened top soil, sand based dressings and other such materials. CNC designed from sheet steel which purposely maintains slight flexibility in the tool to help when following minor contours of golf greens etc, without causing scars.
Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
30360 6.30kgs 138.00
40" De-Luxe Lute
Slightly more robust than the green keeper lute, designed to handle larger jobs due to its extra width. Constructed from tough box section steel to maintain stiffness, extra strong end braces help maintain the level of this tool. Ideal for most general leveling tasks.
Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
30400 4.55kgs 144.00
40" De-Luxe Lute
4ft Superub

4ft Superub
The ultimate single user leveling tool. The Superub produces a very flat surface due to its wide 4ft (1.2m) width. Constructed from large box section and strongly braced to maintain its accuracy, this tool is ideal for finishing the perfect level on most fine turf surfaces.
Supplied complete with a single user handle. Also available with a continuous loop handle, whereby two people can use the tool in conjunction if required, or if simply a more comfortable handle is required for prolonged use.
Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
30480 7.30kgs 178.80

Optional loop handle for 4ft Superub

Optional Loop Handle for 4ft Superub
Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
32240 2.55kgs POA

Large Levelawns

The Larger BMS Levelawns have been designed for use on many fine turf areas, such as bowling greens, croquet lawns, lawn tennis courts etc, during ongoing programs of maintenance.

The inner bars of the 2 & 3m Levelawns serve to help spread top dressing material, followed by fine leveling with the rear channel of the frames. The inner bars are adjustable, ideally set 1-2mm above the level of the outer channels. Because of the high accuracy in their manufacture, correct use will reduce undulations on playing surfaces to at least 6mm (1/4") or less.

The Jumbo Levelawn is the ultimate all round leveling tool. Supplied in two 6ft (1.83m) wide sections which may be used individually to start with, then coupled together to form the 12ft (3.7m) wide tool to produce a superior finish on any flat surface.

Large Levelawns
2 Metre Wide Levelawn
Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
32020 22.50kgs 318.00

3 Metre Wide Levelawn

Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
32030 34.50kgs 438.00


Corer Collector

Corer CollectorDesigned for Aeration / Soil Coring providing assistance with irrigation, seeding, de-compacting areas, to aid root growth etc.

The clever yet simple design that makes the tool unique is the collection box, which catches all of the crumpling remnants that eject through the five 4" x 1/2" (100 x 12.7mm) replaceable hollow tines, leaving no mess to clear up!

Corer CollectorThe Corer Collector can be disassembled allowing for tine change, or to allow fewer tines in exceptionally compact ground.

5 Tine Corer Collector complete with Hollow Tines

Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
10200 3.80kgs 114.00

Hollow Tine - each

Price (Ex VAT)
10210 18.00


Weasel & Hedgehog

The Weasel is designed for de-compacting, and breaking up soil into a tilth, both for cosmetic reasons, allowing in air and moisture, or for use when re-seeding damaged or worn areas. Also ideal for use around the edge of compact sand bunkers.
Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
35100 1.80kgs 105.60

The Hedgehog is designed for use with localised aeration of fine turf, and for overseeding. Although the design of both tools are very similar they are both very well suited to completely different applications.

Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
35110 1.80kgs 105.60
Weasel and Hedgehog

Turf Slitter

A highly effective tool for replacing, renewing, repairing or simply lifting turf quickly and easily.

Depth of cut is kept constant by the two skids either side of the tool, which allows equal replacement of extracted turf.

Cut Depth / Width: 1.25" (3.2cm) / 4.25" (12cm)

Code Weight
Price (Ex VAT)
15010 1.85kgs 114.00

Turf Slitter
Turf Slitter


From top left, 
Code Description
Price (Ex VAT)
Hose Quick Coupling 1/2"
Hose Quick Coupling 3/4"
Hose Quick Coupling 1"
Threaded Quick Coupling 1/2" Male Thread
Threaded Quick Coupling 3/4" Male Thread
Threaded Quick Coupling 1" Male Thread
Threaded Quick Coupling 1/2" Female Thread
Threaded Quick Coupling 3/4" Female Thread
Threaded Quick Coupling 1" Female Thread
IR3850 Quick Coupling 1/2" Hose Adaptor


IR3870 Quick Coupling Blanking End Plug 5.70
IR3890 Quick Coupling 'Y' Piece 15.30
SZ16 Hose Clamp (10 pack) 1/2"
SZ25 Hose Clamp (10 pack) 3/4"
SZ30 Hose Clamp (10 pack) 1">

Professional Sprinkler Head

Professional Sprinkler Head

Heavy duty metal construction for prolonged use. Part or full circle operation with stainless steel springs and axle pin. Easy to adjust with fingertips to any sector of circle required.

Nozzle diameter: 3.9mm
Female 3/4" BSP pipe fitting

Order Code: IR3635
Price (Ex VAT): 54.00
Pressure (bar) Flow per hour (m) Diameter of cover (m)
2.0 0.87 27m
3.0 1.06 29m
4.0 1.22 31m

Metal Sled Base Frame

Metal Sled Base Frame

Heavy duty powder coated metal frame provides a very stable base for our sprinkler head. The non restricting 3/4" bore comes complete with snap coupling to fit quickly onto you hose supply.

Order Code: IR3615
Price (Ex Vat): 42.00

Heavy Duty Hose Trolley with Ticoflex Hose Heavy Duty Hose Trolley
A huge heavy duty trolley capable of holding up to 120m of 3/4" (19mm) Hose. Or up to 80m of 1" (25mm) Hose.
Complete with quick coupling for fast connection to your supply.
Ask about mounted versions.

Order Code: IR3400
Price (Ex Vat): 420

Ticoflex Hose
Code Description
Price (Ex VAT)
IR3430 50m Tricoflex hose 1/2" (12.5mm) 64.80
IR3450 50m Tricoflex hose 3/4" (19mm) 102.00
IR3460 100m Tricoflex hose 3/4" (19mm) 204.00
IR3470 50m Tricoflex hose 1" (25mm) 162.00
IR3480 100m Tricoflex hose 1" (25mm) 324.00

Metal Sled Base Frame

Water Aplication
From top, 

The Aquatine
For injecting directly into hydrophobic areas. Constructed to the highest standards.
Code Description
Price (Ex VAT)
Spare Aquatine Tines (set of 4)

Drencher Pellet Gun
For applying the Drop & Go Pellets. Flow rate and pellet usage controlled by valve position and will vary depending upon your supply pressure. Available with the preferred heavy duty flat nozzle or optional rose attachment for lower pressure usage.
Code Description
Price (Ex VAT)
24030 Drencher Pellet Gun with Flat Nozzle 150.00
24035 Drencher Pellet Gun with Rose Nozzle 150.00

Drop & Go Wetting Agent Pellets
For effective treatment of dry patch, hard to reach areas, high spots and such like. To be used with our Drencher Pellet Gun. Each pellet treats approx 1,000 - 1,500m.
Code Description
Price (Ex VAT)
24720 Drop & Go Wetting Agent Pellets Box of 6 90.00




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