Iseki SF544 + SF551

Out-front Mower Collectors

For the ultimate cut and collection, you have the renowned SF5 mowers, the largest and most productive of the SF range of machines, available with a huge variety of implements from rotary or Muthing flail, to verticutter decks. Perfect for maintaining a brilliant finish on fairways or large highly presented parks and gardens where the pristine collection is paramount.

There is the choice of the SF544 with a 42hp, 3 cylinder, 1.826ltr stage V engine, or the more powerful SF551 with a 49hp, 4 cylinder, 2.434ltr engine. Both are automatic hydrostatic 4 wheel drive and come with cruise control, making them ideal for the most demanding of tasks. The electric auto-reversing cooling fan continuously cleans the radiator screen, keeping the engine at the correct working temperature. High capacity fuel tank and road lighting as standard help with working those long hours on the comfort of the ISO mounted platform.

The Muthing Vario out-front flail has a widely renowned build. It leaves an unbeatable striped finish along with a very consistent cut with a superior ISEKI collection, giving you the flexibility of being able to cut longer grass with a pristine finish.

With a maximum height of 2.2m, the SF5 collector can also be tipped at whatever height you require, allowing for flexibility at disposal sites. The very large 1300L turbine-driven collector has an oscillating chute with two speeds, so the box is evenly filled with the grass clippings for maximum collection ability.

When the grass box is full you will see a red light on the dashboard and hear a beep to allow you to finish your pass and then go off to empty, removing the guesswork and allowing you to be as productive as possible.

Mower Deck Options