Iseki at R T Machinery means more than just another brand. It represents the ultimate in Japanese engineering and design that seamlessly fits and adds to our range of machines that function by design and build quality .  

Everyone of the Iseki products has a team of design engineers and many hours of trial and test built into them!   They are then all built in modern automotive style factories to meet stringent quality control and each one is run straight from the production line before they are shipped onto us for the final build and pre delivery inspection. All of this backed up by factory trained staff and a manufactures 24 month warranty. Iseki also represents excellent value for money with compact tractors and mowers built to earn you a living as well as maintaining the farm, estate or home. These are serious contenders when it comes down to price, value and performance . 

SXG216 We say...


ISEKI SXG216 ride-on mowerThe ISEKI's brand-new ride-on mower SXG216 offers excellent mowing performance and good maneuverability. The large displacement diesel engine with 688cc gives enough power and torque on even tall and dense grass.

Integrated design including grass collector creates stylish image. Ergonomic control layouts make operator comfortable during the drive.

SXG216 has suitable body size which can be loaded on small truck or trailer for transportation.

Compact body gives good maneuverability in narrow space.

In addition to manual dump collector, we can offer hydraulic assist dump collector.
The grass collector can be easily dumped or closed just by pushing the feather touch switch.

ISEKI SXG216 ride on mower

SXG 323 & 326

ISEKI SXG3 Series ride-on mowerThe SXG323 and SXG326 specialise in cutting and collecting grass to satisfy the demands of professional users and municipalities.

The 1123cc engine is powerful with max. 21.9PS and 23.4PS and useful with 21L of large fuel tank contributing to extention of uninterrupted mowing time.

Displacement (cc)
Max Horsepower (kw{PS})
Fuel Tank Capacity


ISEKI SXG Mower PedalsLarge capacity of HST enables excellent traveling and climbing performance.

2 foot pedals to forward and reverse traveling at any time is definitely suitable for better maneuverability.

Both of 54-inch and 48-inch mower decks are available with collector. 48-inch mower deck with large overlap of 2 blades cuts grass perfectly. Air intake on the mower deck makes it possible to cut grass accurately on sports grounds.

54-inch mulching mower deck is also available for ensuring excellect mulch.

Cutting height can be easily adjusted by a dial on LH side fender.

ISEKI SXG hi Tip Collector620L of high dump collector and 550L of low dump collector are available. Wide collector chute carries grass smoothly.

Both collectors can be quickly attached and detached without tools.

Road homologated models are also available.




SF300 SERIES - For demanding Professional Users

ISEKI SF300 Professional MowerThe SF370/310 Front Mower is designed for demanding professional users with large areas of lawn to maintan,such as local authorities,landscape gardeners,hospitals,residential homes,sports centres and schools.

What these users are looking for is not onry a perfect cutting result,but also a machine that is tough,reliable,efficient and easy to use.All this without losing any comfort,safety and ease of maintenance.Let's find out how Iseki answers their demands.

The SF370/310 has a large,powerful and durable engine (30 or 36hp).Thanks to large displacement it has high torque at low engine speeds.

This machine is highly manoeuvrable,with a 47cm turning radius.Combined with the compact dimensions,this gives you the possibility to mow wherever you want.

ISEKI SF300 FeaturesNo more need to select the number of driven wheels yourself:the transmission is equipped with a modern automatic 4WD system that cuts in only when necessary,reducing wear on the turf.Wide tires to protect soft turf are available as an option.

With a travelling speed of 21km/h,this mower works fast,and its large 48-litre fuel tank enables it to keep running all day long.

Even under the heaviest conditions,the indestructible mower deck,featuring the latest mowing technology, delivers a perfect cutting result that keep the grass green and strong.

Efficiency is not only related to working fast,but also to minimizing downtime.This machine allows fast and easy maintenance:the operator's floor is tiltable,the bonnet is easy to open and the oil filler and fuel cap are within easy reach.As for the mowerdeck, without any tools it can be tilted more than 90 degrees or even completely removed.Greasing, checking belt tension and blade changes are all simplicity itself.

Investing in an Iseki mower is a guarantee of relability in itself. The SF370/310's robust design does not use a separate welded chassis,but is built around a solid cast-iron transmission housing.The extra-strong front axle can carry heavy loads and implements,even at high speed and on bumpy surfaces.

The mower blades are driven by a drive shaft PTO,a double V-belt and strong cast-iron pulleys.Not only is this construction highly durable,it avoids losing power by slippage and ensures a smooth and direct transmission.

Iseki is famous for making its mowers comfortable and enjoyable to drive.Also for this machine,ergnomics have been given considerable thought: the dashboard layout gives a clear view of all important information,the controls and levers fall readily to hand and the steering-wheel angle is adjustable. The mower also features power steering and cruise control.

To enhance ride comfort, the floating operator's position is mounted on rubber blocks,minimizing noise and vibration.The narrow steering post gives clear visibility of the front-mounted implement.

ISEKI SF300 ComfortThe independent PTO can be engaged without having to depress the clutch and is controlled by an easy-to-use safety switch.

The two-pedal drive system makes it easy to choose speed and direction.While on the road, the Iseki auto-throttle system increases engine speed automatically when needed.

The mower's large alternator allows strong working lights to be fitted to improve visibility at the ends of the day.

The operator is protected by a safe-start circuit,which means that the mower cannot be started when the power take -off is on,range gear is engaged or the operator is not in the seat.

The PTO up-stop sysyem automatically disengages the power take-off when the implement is lifted.A Roll-Over Protection System(ROPS) is available as an option.

To customize the machine according to your specific needs and demands,a wide variety of accessories and implements can fitted.These include a cab, grass catcher, brush,snow blower,salt sprayer and many others.


ISEKI SFH Out Front MowerISEKI's Out-front mower SFH series is designed with a compact chassis to provide excellent maneuverability even on narrow working space.

Operator would notice the SFH is given enough operator's space and good cutting performance under any field conditions.

To meet customers' demand, ISEKI offers various type of SFH including 54, 48 inches rear discharge mower deck for collecting grass and 54 inches mulching mower deck in addition to conventional 54 inches side discharge.

The high and low dump grass collectors are available. SFH240 can blow cut grass into 550 liter capacity collector and dump grass at high and low position. It is quite convenient feature to load cut grass into lorry. SFH240 has feature of 4WD which enables operator to cut grass on slope without slipping. SFH220 is the conventional model for side discharge cutting and mulching. This light weight without blower offers smooth grass cutting and less noise

ISEKI SFH Out Front Mower Hi TipAll controls, pedals and levers are placed in suitable position to contribute efficient work and to reduce operator's fatigue even for long operation. The operator can recognize the operation-related information and switches on instrument panel. Steering column can be tilted and power steering is standard equipment.

Compact and powerful water cooled diesel engine of 1.12 Liter is mounted on both SFH240 and 220. Thanks to flip-up engine bonnet, user can reach engine room easily for daily maintenance.

Mower deck can be flipped up to maintain blade and clean inside deck easily.




ISEKI SF450 Large Capacity MowerSF450 and SF438 are perfectly designed for professional users. The both machines provide comfortable operation and excellent cutting/collecting performance with high power engine, large capacity of HST and 1300L container capacity as well.

With 48HP engine, SF450 is the most powerful outfront mower in ISEKI range.

The fuel tank capacity of both SF450 and SF438 is the largest (48L) in this product segment. Fuel tank is located in left side of fender, which helps easy access to refill the fuel.

To prevent grass from clogging on the screen of the radiator, the radiator fan reversely rotates every 5 minutes automatically. This function can lead to enough cooling capacity for producing full engine performance. Reverse rotating works automatically in case engine starts or it may overheat.

SF450 Large Capacity Mower Cutting deckLarge capacity of HST pump and motors achieves faster traveling speed: max. 21km/h for SF450 and max. 19km/h for SF438.

SF450 and SF438 have the cruise control function for great cutting performance and comfortable operation. Cruise control keeps constant working speed without depressing HST pedal, which can ease vibration from pedal.

60-inch mower deck is available for SF450 and 54-inch mower deck is available for SF438 with grass collectors.
Mulching kit is also available for 60-inch mower deck as standard. Adding only one plate converts the rear discharge deck to the mulching mower deck.
The mulching plate can be attached by a bolt easily.

Mower deck can be flipped up without detaching universal joint for daily maintenance.

ISEKI SF450 Large Capacity CollectorLarge capacity of the container contributes to efficient working by reducing frequencies of grass dumping. Grass is laid evenly and tightly in the container with swing chuter system installed.

When the container becomes full with grass, the full sensor is activated and beep sounds intermittently. Then, the mower deck stops automatically after 2 seconds beep.
In case operator needs to mow more a few meters to finish cutting to the end of the field, mower deck and blower work for another 8 seconds by pushing "grass cutting extension switch".

SF450 and SF438 are designed at low center of gravity by placing engine in lower position, which achieves stability for safe operation.

ISEKI SF450 Large Capacity Mower Low Centre of GravityAir cleaner, coolant, battery and hyd.& fuel filters can be checked without opening bonnet.
Besides, fully open engine bonnet is quite comfortable for daily maintenance.


Which Tractor is best for me?


Iseki TXG237 sub compact tractorTXG237 is the convenient and versatile sub compact tractor. It can be attached with various implements such as mower, grass collector, front loader, sweeper, snow blower, blade etc.

Its compact size, suitable horsepower and good maneuverability make TXG237 the ideal tractor for various kinds of customers like municipality, landscapers, residential owner and contractor.

Wider floor and spacious operator's area with proper position of all levers and pedals offer comfort and less fatigue to operator for long work. Side by side two pedals of HST enable operator to change forward / reverse direction and speed easily.

Iseki TXG237 sub compact tractor instrument panelDeluxe instrument panel with LED back light provides good visibility for day and night time operation. Also, it consists of tachometer, fuel and coolant temperature gauges and necessary monitor lamps. The combination type of lighting switch like automobile is equipped with TXG237 as standard.

Auxiliary hydraulic valves with floating position are factory option, which are very useful for various implements. 

Larger 25 liter fuel tank can contribute to longer operation and fueling is easy through the larger diameter of fuel cap.



Iseki TM32 compact tractorTM series is classified into most compact tractor segment. Nevertheless, all new TM tractors provide excellent performance and high efficiency for professional and private users. The horsepower of 25, 23 and 20PS is selectable, and total nine model line-up including transmission type, Mechanical transmission or HST and ROPS type Center or Rear mounting are available for their landscaping and agricultural applications.

New TM3215/3265 tractor adopt the complete floating mount system including dash panel and steering post. It contributes to good isolation of noise and vibration for operator's comfort.

Iseki TM32 compact tractor driving positionAll controls, pedals and levers are placed in suitable position. Also, redesigned visible instrument panel and combination type lighting switch are equipped with TM series. Operator feels less fatigue even for long operation.

Larger displacement engine of 1.5 litre is mounted on TM3265. TM3215 has 1.1 litre engine. Both engines give enough power for various applications.

Thanks to a flip-up engine bonnet, the user can easily reach the engine bay for daily maintenance.



Iseki Th Series tratorTH series is the perfect tractor for various applications by municipality or private use, for example, cleaning paths and farming of small sized agriculture field. The horsepowers of 36 (only HST version), 33 and 29PS are available with total fourteen model line-up including transmission type, Mechanical transmission or HST and Center or Rear ROPS mounting for their landscaping and agricultural applications.

New TH4365, 4335, 4295 tractor HST version has slant engine bonnet to provide good visibility for front implements applications. Full floating floor system which is mounted on rubber offers less vibration to operator.

Iseki TH series tractorAll controls, pedals and levers are placed in suitable position to contribute efficient work and to reduce operator's fatigue even for long operation. Ergonomic HST pedal pads, combination type lighting switch and PTO model selector switch are equipped with TH series. 

Larger displacement engine of 1.65 Liter is mounted on TH4365. TH4335 and TH4295 have 1.5 Liter engine. Both engines generate strong power for any applications. Thanks to flip-up engine bonnet, operator can reach engine room easily for daily maintenance.

Large 35 Liter fuel tank makes tractor work longer hours.





Iseki TL Series tractorTLE tractor belongs to economy range class.
The composition of machine is simple, although it has the machine durability.
This machine can work hardly and offer you more efficient operation. To work in the narrow and small space with its compact body.

Any kind of user can easily operate this machine since all levers and switches are just located next to operator.
Instinctly operator can find the lever and it is far easy to operate.

By mounting illuminated fuel gauge, operator can clearly know how long it can work.

Iseki TLe Series TractorThanks to full open bonnet, any part of engine and the part which should take maintenance can be reached without any stress.

ISEKI 3 cylinder diesel engine, which give you enough power to apply any kind of work is mounted.
The engine is surely reliable for your operation.
Even if you work in a large field and pursue productive work.
43L fuel tank give you a far longer operation without refilling.
It will make your work more efficient and productive.

Independent PTO with grand power makes your work more comfortable. You can turn "ON" and "OFF" whenever you want and the lever is just located right side of the seat.

3-point lifting capacity is 810kg at 24 inch behind of ball point.
This capacity helps you to install the implement you want.




Iseki TLE4490The latest addition to the new Premium Economy range has arrived. The TLE4490 is the latest model to join the line up following last years launch of the TLE3400. It has a 48hp, 2197cc, 4 cylinder naturally aspirated engine, coupled to an 8F/8R mechanical shuttle. The TLE4490 boasts a wide full-flat floor, providing unrivalled access and egress along with comfort during operation. Additionally, for operator comfort, the platform is mounted on four floating rubber insulators to minimise noise and vibration through the operator’s environment. 

The layout of the levers and switches is ergonomically designed for ease of use during a variety of operations, be it landscaping, agriculture, golf, horticulture or any number of applications. 

Along with the modern styling, the new one-piece bonnet can be fully opened by use of a simple tool, conforming to the new tractor homologation. 540 rpm rear PTO and remote PTO start/stop mounted on the rear fender as standard provides an additional benefit. Options include 2000 rpm mid PTO, second additional auxiliary valve (1 auxiliary valve fitted as standard). 

Implements such as front end loaders & front linkages can be easily installed to TLE4490. Hydraulic port located at the middle of tractor and loader fixing mounts are equipped as standard. 


Iseki TG Series TractorISEKI TG tractors are smart and intelligent machines for new generation. Their high performance, reliability and automatic control system bring benefit to the field work. The completely new design is stylish and impressive.

All instruments and gauges are easy to read and indicate driving information like engine speed, traveling speed, PTO speed and also speed range for operator's proper work.

Iseki's TG range offers a comfortable driving platform and seat position provide ample space. All levers are ergonomically located around the driving seat and make easy access to the cockpit.
IQ shift (Q version only) is programmed to several clutch engagement pattern and select the most suitable pattern depending on gear position to make smooth change.
Iseki TG Series TractorPTO engagement system is 2 mode adjustable PTO engagement and it give you more comfort for PTO operation. PTO engagement is quite smooth for this system. .When PTO is engaged, monitor light is turned on and indicates PTO is rotating.

The engine has large displacement and its stable torque at all engine speeds ensures power in reserve whatever the high or continuous load.
The engine is not only powerful, but also clean and quiet for environment and meet EU type approval (74/150/EEC, 2001/E) Noise level is 86 db(A) to be implemented in 2001 and Emission level complies European emission regulation Stage 3A.




ISEKI TG6675Topping off the new TG6 range of tractors is now the TG6675, available in either ROPS or cabbed models. Equipped with a Shibaura 65hp, 2215cc, 4 cylinder Stage IIIB engine coupled to an F12/R12 power-shuttle transmission. 

The rear linkage is available in either category 1 or 2 and boasts a lift capacity of 1,600 kg at the ball ends and 1,500 kg at 24 inches. Draft control, two auxiliary valves and a front loader/linkage joystick comes as standard. The rear PTO is 2 speed with a mid PTO also included with the cabbed model. An optional front loader will be available from MX. 

Compact, with good power to weight ratio, also the Power Shuttle allows for smooth direction changes, whilst conveniently laid out controls make for easy changes to be made on the move, to either linkage mounted implements or front loader/linkage work. 

The TG6675 lends itself to many applications across a broad spectrum of industries, ideal for small farms, horticultural enterprises, stables, fruit farms the list is endless. In line with the new generation Iseki styling, the new one-piece bonnet can be fully opened by use of a simple tool, conforming to the new tractor homologation. 


SRA800 & SRA950F

Iseki SRA800The SRA 800 and 950F are ride-on brush cutters capable of cutting grass and thick vegetation right up to saplings. Their low height aids stability when used on slopes. Both machines are powered by Kawasaki electric start petrol engines – 16 hp & 24 hp respectively and have hydrostatic drive – 4WD for the SRA950F. Cutting widths are 80 cm or 95 cm.

Fuel Tank Capacity
14 litres
14 litres
Ground Clearance


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